Avateq Corp.

Avateq-logo Avateq Corp. is a Canadian engineering company, specializing in complex DSP (digital signal processing) systems design. Avateq’s cost-effective remote signal analyzers and RF layer monitoring receivers have been recognized for the quality of measurements, in-depth signal analysis and accessibility. Avateq continues to lead by developing innovative DSP engines and practical industry solutions for emerging technologies and broadcasting standards. Avateq’s AVQ1022DAB - RF Layer Monitoring Receiver and Signal Analyzer for DAB/DAB+ is a cost-effective solution for remote day-by-day 24/7 transmitter signal quality monitoring through SNMP, web interface and user-configurable alarm system. The product provides comprehensive monitoring capabilities of RF layer critical parameters including MER, Shoulder Attenuation, Frequency Shift, etc. AVQ1020DAB features a user-friendly graphical web interface with rich plotting capabilities and data representation. AVQ1022DAB has been upgraded to enable off-air SFN (Single Frequency Network) analysis. This functionality includes multi-path monitoring with TII (Transmitter Identification Information) for each signal and alarm triggering for signal shifts. Avateq takes pride in offering our leading-edge, superb products that enhance the reliability of your delivery networks. We take your utmost satisfaction very seriously, and do everything in our power to ensure that we offer the highest levels of Support to you and your Teams.