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The WorldDAB ETI Library is an online database of ETI Files. It contains country snapshots of DAB, DAB+ and DMB (ETI files from different markets), ETI files configured with multiplexing equipment from specific manufacturers as well as files which can be used for demonstration and testing purposes.

All of the files in the Library can be used without the need for complex multiplexing equipment and are compatible with lab measurement systems allowing a simple solution for manufacturers and those emerging markets wishing to carry out smaller lab tests.

As broadcasters create ever more complex digital radio services, the ETI Library will reflect these and maintain a single point of reference for manufacturers and broadcasters worldwide.

How do I access the WorldDAB ETI Library?
The WorldDAB ETI Library can only be accessed by members of WorldDAB. For more information on membership please click here.

What benefits does the ETI Library offer Manufacturers?
By identifying and compiling the different multiplex solutions the Library assists receiver manufacturers in testing their products ensuring they include the minimum set of function requirements set out in the WorldDAB Receiver Profiles making them compatible on a pan-European and worldwide basis. 
A centralised database is especially important for receiver manufacturers producing products destined for multiple markets specifically the car industry where receivers must be harmonised for cross border use.

What benefits does the ETI Library offer Broadcasters?
Broadcasters can use the WorldDAB ETI files to check their own transmissions for conformity, further reducing the risk of inconsistent reception that could arise from complex configuration of the digital broadcasting systems ensuring receivers work to their optimum performance.

Additional resources

For more information on the WorldDAB ETI Library please contact the Project Office.

ETI Files - Member benefit

Members have access to a Library database of transmission simulation data which will aid testing of DAB / DAB+ digital radios.

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