WorldDAB Digital Radio Receiver Profiles

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The WorldDAB Digital Radio Receiver Profiles are designed to help create a vibrant digital radio market across Europe and the world by defining minimum functionality for different classes of digital radio receivers that use the DAB system. This provides broadcasters with confidence that the services they plan will be receivable, and manufacturers that their technology investments will be supported by services. The consumer gains from knowing that the product they have chosen contains the necessary features to provide them with a consistent quality of experience and assured levels of interoperability across Europe and beyond.

Products designed to meet the WorldDAB Receiver Profiles will decode all audio services, along with other features depending on the complexity of the receiver. The profiles were developed by WorldDAB, in collaboration with the EBU and EICTA (now Digitaleurope), with the aid of member experts representing silicon manufacturers, consumer device manufacturers, radio broadcasters and other experts from across the industry. The composition of the profiles takes into account manufacturing issues, broadcaster requirements, consumer experience and other market aspects.

Broadcasters and regulators may select any of the audio and multimedia capabilities of the DAB family of standards to meet the specific needs of their market with confidence, whilst those already broadcasting are able to plan the introduction of more advanced features.