DAB+ or mobile broadband?

Mobile broadband can provide a complementary service to broadcast radio – but delivering a comparable service would require a huge investment and there is no business case for mobile operators, broadcasters or listeners. 


DAB+ or mobile - an overview

Patrick Hannon, WorldDAB President, gives an overview of the key arguments and shows why DAB+ is a much more compelling proposition for broadcasters and listeners.

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DAB+ or mobile - the story  

The latest research and information from around the world, showing how DAB+ remains the best option for delivery of broadcast radio and why mobile cannot compete on cost or reliability.  

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DAB+ or mobile - the facts 

 The facts on DAB+ and mobile broadband, covering each aspect of the distribution, business case and impact on the listener. 

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The expert view on 5G 

Saul Friedner, 5G expert at LS Telcom, discusses the potential shape of the next generation of mobile technology and how this might impact the business case for delivering radio.

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The cost of delivering radio over IP compared to FM and DAB+ 

Marcello Lombardo, Project Manager at the EBU, explains why they researched the cost of delivering radio over mobile broadband and some of the conclusions from the report.

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Further research and analysis on the subject can be found here.