DAB+ emergency broadcasting and warnings

  • DAB+ radio broadcasting can play a critical role in times of emergency
  • DAB+ emergency warning feature enables real time messaging to alert communities of emergency and recovery situations
  • Deployment of the DAB+ emergency warning feature requires the establishment of implementation protocols developed with relevant authorities

The DAB+ emergency warning feature – Alarm Announcement Switching (AAS) - provides the ability to redirect DAB+ receivers to play out a predefined radio service which delivers emergency information, advice and directions.

An EU Directive (EECC ) effective from December 2020 requires that all in-vehicle radio receivers in Europe must include digital terrestrial radio. The DAB+ Minimum Requirements technical standard requires that all receivers include the DAB+ emergency warning feature - Alarm Announcement Switching (AAS). As Europe drives the receiver market and most receivers delivered to other parts of the world are derived from those products, the AAS feature will effectively be included in receivers worldwide from 2020.

Update: September 2022

WorldDAB has been briefed about the discussions regarding emergency warnings which are currently taking in place in Germany. This is an important topic, which is of interest to many of our members around the world.

We understand that there is good momentum behind the discussions in Germany, but they are still in an early stage of development. When these discussions have progressed further, WorldDAB will be happy to host a technical development process to help build international alignment.


DAB+ emergency warning factsheet