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Budget law 2018-2020 (all radios sold from 2020 to be digitally capable)

Official announcement of Italian law requiring all radio receivers to have digital capability from 1 Jan 2020: Article 1 comma 1044 provides for all radios sold from 2020 to have digital capability (image attached). Budget law number 205 of the 27th of December 2017 was published on the Official Journal number 302 of the 29th of December 2017 entered into force on the 01/01/2018. 

RAI (public broadcaster) expands DAB+ offering

In June 2017 the new director of RAI Radio, Roberto Sergio, reinforced the Italian public broadcaster RAI’s commitment to DAB+ rollout in Italy by confirming the launch of five new stations, bringing the total number of RAI radio stations on DAB+ up to 10 (five simulcast and five digital only). The new stations will offer Italian music, classical and opera, concerts and regional news, children's radio, variety and fiction. Discover more here. Download a video which was shown at the press conference here.

Roadmap for DAB+

The Italian Government has committed to a road map for DAB+ development, a key part of this will be a plan for coordinated frequency planning. The majority of band III has to be reserved for DAB+. AGCOM also renewed commitment to putting forward legislation that receivers should have FM and digital capability.

The North-Italian region of South Tyrol will start its FM switch-off in 2017.

AgCom has published resolution 664/09 which is plan of frequencies for local digital radio in 39 specific areas. The date of the consultancy was June 9th. This plan is mentioned in an article in the daily newspaper, La Repubblica. More information is available here.

On December 23rd 2014, Agcom, published the rules for three specific areas to be covered by DAB+ digital radio tranmissions, following Trentino Alto Adige, in the regions of Valle d’Aosta, Torino & Cuneo Province in Piedmont and Umbria. The Italian Ministry of Communication assigned on the 9th of March 2015 the frequency blocks of public, private and local operators for these regions. A further 6% of the italian population will receive DAB+ digital radio tranmissions once the services go on air. More information is available here.

Regular services were launched in December 2012 in the Trentino region following a decree by the Italian regulator, AGCOM. The decree published in May 2012 assigned one block for national public radio and two blocks for national commercial (12A, 12B and 12C) and additional blocks for local services (12D, 10A, 10B, 10C and 10D). In 2013 regular broadcasting licences were assigned for the Alto Adige region. The Department of Communications released licences for the Trentino area to the National Operators, 12B to the public broadcaster (RAI) and 12C to private national operator Club DAB Italia. The third National Operator Block 12A was assigned July 21 to EURODAB ITALIA.

Local Radio

Five consortia of local broadcasters are currently on air. Two consortia in Trento received the rights on Band III with Channel 10A assigned to DBTAA and Channel 12D to Digiloc. The rights to Channel 10B and 10D have been assigned to RAS and Channel 10C to DABMedia in Bolzano.

In May 2015, AGCOM announced the public consultation for the definition of the local coverage areas in Italy. AGCOM completed the consultation on 29 July 2015 and published the definition of 39 local areas covering all of Italy, and called for applications in 3 specific areas: Eastern Tuscany (Firenze, Arezzo, Pistoia, Prato, Siena), L’Aquila province, Eastern Sardinia (Cagliari, Nuoro, Ogliastra, Carbonia-Iglesias). Full details on AGCOM website. Roll-out in Tuscany is starting now. The Italian association of local TV and radio broadcasters, Aeranti-Corallo has announced the establishment of two new network operators (Toscana DAB and Radio Digitale Toscana) to boost the dissemination of DAB+ in Florence, Pistoia, Prato, Arezzo and Siena.

FM Switch off

In the Italian region of South Tyrol, network operator RAS started switching off FM services in December 2017. Since 2008 RAS has been transmitting digital radio stations in both DAB and DAB+ standards. Now, 20 years after the birth of digital radio transmission, RAS will completely switch to the transmission in DAB+. This switchover is due to government requirement. At this time RAS is transmitting 13 digital radio stations accoording to DAB+ and another nine stations using the older DAB standard (RAI Südtirol, Bayern 3, BR Klassik, B5 aktuell, Ö1, ORF Radio Tirol, Ö3, FM4, Swiss Jazz). Those 9 stations from january 31st on will be sent according to DAB+ only.

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Current Coverage

The combined coverage of the regular and trial broadcasts is estimated to be around 83% of the Italian population (i .e. people in reach of DAB+transmissions for outdoor coverage). 

85% of the population will be covered by a DAB+ signal by end 2018 (up from 75% in 2017). Services on Air in Italy

Coverage as of 31 February 2016  (80% of population; 7,500 Km motorways)

Coverage by 30 June 2017 (85% of population)


The North-Italian region of South Tyrol will start its FM switch-off in 2017 and is the first region in Italy to broadcast DAB+ digital radio in tunnels.

National Multiplexes

1. Rai (public broadcaster)

RaiWay's 18 transmission sites account for coverage of 43% of the population (Rome, Aosta, Turin, Milan, Trento, Bolzano, Venice, Bologna, Naples, Oristano, and Palermo). €6m was allocated for extension of coverage with the activation of 60 new transmission sites by the end of 2015. In August 2014, Rai launched three new digital programs on DAB+: Webradio Radio Rai WR6, WR7, WR8. These 3 programs were added to the 7 already on-air: RAI 1, RAI-2, RAI-3, FD4, FD5, Isoradio and GRparlamento. RAI has a local multiplex (4 sites) for Trentino including the local versions of Radio Uno, Radio Due and RAI Südtirol. So 14 sites transmit the Italian-wide DAB version, and 4 the local TAA mux (= in total 18).

2. DAB Italia

With almost 50 transmission site on-air at the end of 2016, DAB Italia is offering the largest continuity of DAB signal from North to the South of the peninsula, covering over the 75% of the population and plan to reach 85% by spring 2017. Stations on air include 8 simulcast FM programmes: Radio DeeJay, M2O, R 101, Radio 24, Radio Capital, Radio Maria, Radio Radicale, RDS (Radio Dimensione Suono) plus 10 programmes available exclusively on DAB+: 101 Urban, R24 +1, Capital Funky, Capital Music, RDS Relax, RMALB.IA (in Albanian), M2O dance, Kc1 test, Kc2 test and Kc3 test. In total 18 programmes are receivable from the Austrian border down to Naples and from Venice west to Turin on approximately 4.500 Km of main roads of Italy.







The EuroDab Italia multiplex covers approximately 75% of the population with 40 transmission sites. Programmes on air include 6 simulcast FM programs: RTL 102.5+, Radio Italia SMI (Solo Musica Italiana), Radio Padania, Radio Vaticana, Radio KissKiss and Radio Freecia. Three programmes are available exclusively on DAB+: RTL 102.5 Best, RTL Guardia Costiera, RTL Via Radio Digital. A total of 9 programs are receivable from Bolzano down to Calabria and Sicily.


Local Multiplexes

DBTAA – Trentino Alto Adige Area – Band III, 10A

Programs: Radio Anaunia, Radio Digi-One, Radio Gamma, Radio Italia Anna 60, Radio NBC, Radio Primierortt La Radio, Sudtirol 1, Radio Tirol, Trentino In Blu Radio. 

Digiloc – Trentino Alto Adige Area – Band III, 12D

Programs: Bella Radio, DELTARETE5, Radio Birkina, Radio Margherita, Radio Number One, Radio Pace, Radio Sound 95, Radio Studio Piu, Radio Valbelluna, Radio Viva.

Rundfunk-Anstalt Sudtirol (RAS) – Trentino Alto Adige Area – Block 10B and 10D

RAS approved the installation (March 2013) of a further 13 transmitters during 2014 and 2015. RAS currently has 28 transmitter sites in Alto-Adige and 2 in Trentino in operation.

DAB Media – Trentino Alto Adige Area

The consortium of local radio stations in Bolzano won the award by the Ministry of Block 10C in Band III and may switch to DAB+ in areas already covered such as Bolzano and cover with 6 new plants the whole province: Penegal (city of Bolzano), Val Venosta, Mutta (area of Merano) Plosehütte (Brixen) Freienfeld (area of Vipiteno) and Plan de Corones, reaching more than 80% of the population.

CR DAB – Rome Area – Band III, 13F

Programs: Radio Radio, Kiss Kiss Italia, Dimensione Suono Roma, Dimensione Suono 2, Ram Power, Radio Subasio, Radio Suby, Radio Subasio +, Tele Radio Stereo, Tele Radio Stereo 2 RMC2, Studio 93.

Vatican Radio – Rome Area – began services in July 2007 on frequency block 7B and is broadcast by Castel Gandolfo and S.M.Di Galeria Services.


Test of services on air in Italy

Click the links below to see the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) reports including RAI WAY's tests on its DAB+ services in Italy

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In this country there are

on air.

In Italy there are three regular national (2 commercial and one public) and six regular local multiplexes on air. In total there are 116 DAB+ stations simulcast on FM and 20 DAB+ stations available exclusively on DAB+ digital radio. There are 7 data services. In addition, 2 TPEG networks are on air, provided by InfoBlu (EuroDAB Italia and RaiWay multiplexes).

All national broadcasters (public and private) as well as some local services offer Slideshow (SLS). Some services are static, meaning the images are not related to the content on air. Some larger stations have implemented some services with content connected to the audio services and with some real time information, for example, weather and stocks.

RTL 102.5, a commercial broadcaster, has sold digital campaigns with an SLS add-on, for example one of their customers was Nissan. In the campaign the advertiser said on air "you can see the car on the radio display" and listeners with SLS enabled DAB radios could see an image of the Nissan on their dashboard. More information on that campaign here.


Prior to the launch of digital radio in Italy there were just from 19 national radio stations available on FM. Following the launch of DAB+ there are now 40 national radio stations available on DAB+. 19 of the national stations are simulcasts of FM stations and 21 are stations available exclusively on DAB+.


So far all digital stations available on the local multiplexes are simulcasts of FM stations. There are a total of 97 DAB+ programmes available: Rome = 16;  Naples = 13; Trento = 21;  Bolzano = 22+13;  Umbria = 12;  Torino-Cuneo = 11 (the frequency has been assigned but the services are not yet on air).

Pop Up Stations

From the 8 - 10 April 2016, IRF2016, a new dedicated DAB+ channel was on air live‎ for the International Radio Festival in Milan.


Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB+ programmes 116 20 136
Data services 0 7 7

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Listening in car

October 2015. Italy: 7% of daily radio listeners (34.9 milion listeners in an average day) are listening to DAB in the car, this equates to approximately 2.5 milion cars (Source GFK Ipsos research Come Afferrare Prometeo).

DAB+ as standard

As of June 2016 in Italy, DAB radio is available in 54% of new cars – primarily as an option. Drivers can now receive DAB+ receivers fitted as standard in the following vehicles: Honda models: CR-V 2015, Civic 5porte 2015, Civic Type R e Civic Tourer 2015; Jeep models: Grand Cherokee and Cherokee 2015; Lexus models: GS Hybrid and LS Hybrid; Ford models: S-Max Titanium Business, Kuga Business, Mondeo Business and FocusST; models: Quashquai, Pulsar and Altea;  Fiat models: 500L, 500X Off Road look and City look; Alfa Romeo model Giulietta; Renault Twingo; Volkswagen Touareg; Toyota Prius Plus Hybrid; Kia models: Rio and Sorento; Hyundai Genesis. 

DAB+ as an option

All of the following car brands' models come with DAB+ as an option: Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Volvo, Mercedes, Land Rover, Mini, Citroen, Lexus, Jeep, BMW, Honda, Opel. The price ranges from €110 to €400.


TPEG (Traffic and Travel) services are operated by InfoBlu, the Italian leader in traffic management and TISA member. Two TPEG networks are on air for test purposes (Euro DAB Italia and Rai Way).

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles promotions (July 2015)

FCA Group offers of UConnect radio DAB in Italy during July 2015

Alfa Romeo – Giulietta, all optionals included for models ready to delivery (pronta consegna):

All versions of Jeep, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee come with DAB:

Cherokee catalogue

Fiat 500 offers until 31/07/2015 on all models

500Lounge/500C configuration to showing all audio OPT offered and prices

new Fiat500 catalog, pages 25 and 79 regarding DAB

other Fiat models with DAB, found by forming different configurations on the website

Fiat promotion including DAB+ digital radio March 2016

Fiat promotion including DAB+ digital radio February 2014

 Nissan promotions including DAB+ digital radio



Ypsilison promotion including DAB+ radio

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Mobile Phones

LG Stylus 2, the world's first smartphone with DAB/DAB+ digital radio built in.

More information on the LG Stylus 2 is available here.

Domestic receivers

Pure receivers are currently available on consumer websites and at the main consumer electronics chain stores including Media World, Unieuro, Euronics, Expert, Trony and at independent retailers. Other manufacturers represented in Italy include Sony, Philips, Revo, Pioneer, Alpine, JVC Kenwood, Tivoli, Brionvega and many others. 

Aftermarket DAB+ car radios

DAB car adaptors are available through the Magneti Marelli CheckStar, Calearo and many car professional installer networks.

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Several trials have taken place in Italy over recent years.  For full details on the digital radio trials that have taken place in Italy in the past click on “older versions” above.

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Key features of regulation for digital radio in Italy:

  • Band III
  • DAB+ licences are issued to existing FM licence holders
  • National and local multiplexes must carry at least 7 stations each
  • The licence period for content providers is 12 years and 20 for network operators
  • City state Vatican in Rome is transmitting in both Band III and L-Band
  • DAB+ network build out is focused on highways to ensure uninterrupted reception

The Ministry of Economic Development has started the procedure to assign the frequency blocks for local and national (commercial and public) digital radio services for the regions of Valle D’Aosta and Umbria, for Torino and Cuneo provinces, in Piedmont. This procedure closed on 20 June 2015 (

In 2009 AGCOM (Italian Communications Authority) approved regulation which set out steps for the roll out of digital radio across Italy. Broadcasters can opt for DAB, DAB+ or DMB and the regulation allows for the migration of services from analogue to digital. It provides clear regulation on coverage, networks for national services, spectrum allocation for services, local coverage and rules on simulcasting and new content.

The regulation specified one national network for the public broadcaster RAI, and two national networks for commercial radio. Space was made available for local radio stations and the network operator was given additional capacity to provide data services. 

Licences are issued initially to existing FM licence holders, with remaining spectrum available for new entrants. Each radio station has the right to use 72 CUs of a multiplex for its programmes. The licence period for content providers is 12 years and for network operators is 20 years.

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In June 2017 the new director of RAI Radio, Roberto Sergio, has reinforced the Italian public broadcaster RAI’s commitment to DAB+ rollout in Italy by confirming the launch of five new stations, bringing the total number of RAI radio stations on DAB+ up to 10 (five simulcast and five digital only).  The new stations will offer Italian music, classical and opera, concerts and regional news, children's radio, variety and fiction. Discover more here. Download a video which was shown at the press conference here.

Heavyweight industry funded marketing campaigns across a variety of media platforms to promote digital radio have been running in Italy since 2013. Radio campaigns promote DAB+ digital radio across the 13 main national commercial FM networks (plus several local radio stations). National broadcasters do cross promotion of digital radio via and daily and periodical press as well as social media channels including facebook, twitter and soundcloud.

2014: I discover digitalradio
2015: I learn digital radio
2016: I use digitalradio…and you?
2017: the magic of digital radio DAB+ in your car!

All the marketing campaigns are based on radio spots set in the car as 80% of radio listening is in-car in Italy. The campaigns are broadcast by all private national radio stations and many local radio stations. With more than 1,000 spots the campaigns have covered 23 million listeners.

2017 Campaign

The campaign in 2017 has over 500 spots a week. Four flights will take place in 2017.

Spot 1

Spot 2

Spot 3

The first 2017 flight was from 6-26 February 2017 for three weeks. The second 2017 flight was from 1-14 May 2017 for two weeks. The third 2017 flight is now on air and will air from 1-27 August, 2017. The three spots may be heard at The fourth flight will take place 13 November to 3 December, 2017. The 2017 campaign is aired on FM by the 10 national commercial radio members of DAB Italia and EuroDAB, together, by using the same three radio spots or a minimum of 38 spots per week each radio (= 380 spots per week = 1.520 in the time frame). The campaign will hit approximately 30 million radio listeners in Italy per day.


May 2016

A new marketing campaign has launched in Italy from 23 May for three weeks to help promote digital radio. The advert will be broadcast on both national and local commercial radio stations and coordinated marketing activities involve 12 national broadcasters. With more than 1,000 commercials the campaign will have a coverage of over 23 million listeners.

May 2015

All DeeJayTen Firenze (17 May) and DeeJayTen Milano (11 October) runners will get a 10% discount on Pure digital radio receivers at all MediaWorld stores in Tuscany and Lombardia.

March 2015

A new marketing campain to promote digital radio is running in four phases with four new radio spots - a version voiced by Dj Albertino is running across the main national commercial FM broadcasters and several local radio stations. More information is available here.

January 2014

In January 2014 ran a national advertising campaign to inform consumers, retailers, car vendors, car dealers and all stakeholders of what digital radio is to make them aware that digital radio is coming. The campaign aired on the 10 main national commercial networks (plus several local radio stations) with 6 to 8 passages per day of a common 45 seconds spot (the same spot which was broadcast 1,900 times in August and October 2013) on FM (over 23 million listeners per day).

mid-August and October 2013

In mid-August 2013, in October 2013 and from Januray 13th 2014 for three weeks, a campaign promoting DAB+ 

digital radio will was aired by the 10 main National Commercial FM Networks (plus several local radio stations), covering more than 23 million daily listeners. The campaign was aired on twelve national radio stations, from 6 to 12 - 45 second spots each day each, for several weeks.

Print advertising

Two page advertisement promoting digital radio in Italy in the August 2013 edition of Quattroruote magazine. Trasmissioni DAB Disturbi zero col digitale

A one page advertisement promoting digital radio in the newspaper 'Sole 24 Ore' Advertisement from 'Sole 24 Ore'





Offers and Promotions in the automotive sector 

 An Italian advertisment for Nissan, featuring digital radio, from the daily newspaper “la Repubblica”






 Fiat promotion for the Fiat 500X in Italy featuring digital radio.

'The Fiat 500X can be yours for €149 per month, with 17 "alloy wheels and Uconnect touchscreen with Digital Radio.'





Product Promotions spread the love by using a special wrapped digital receiver as Christmas gift, to giveaway even during the DJ talks/quiz.


For more info about today's DAB+ coverage of Italy please visit the web site

Italian broadcasters RadioMediaset and Monradio agree to launch new DAB+ station 105 DAB
14.02.2018 - Italy - Italy
A new DAB+ station will be launched in Italy following an agreement between broadcasters RadioMediaSet and Monradio aimed at promoting digital radio broadcasting. Radio 105, with almost 5 million listeners per day is one of the first of the five National FM stations set up in Italy. Mr. Salvaderi’s decision to move to DAB+ with Monradio “105DAB” is a very positive signal for the digital future of radio in Italy.
From Prima Online Italy:

Lancia Ypsilon review
14.02.2018 - Italy - Italy
Available on the New Ypsilon Gold the Pack Tech with automatic climate control, navigation touch 5 "DAB and UconnectTM live integrated services.
From OggiGreen Italy:

Natucci: The mandatory DAB on the radios is excellent
07.02.2018 - Italy - Italy
DAB Italia director Sergio Natucci shares the steps being taken in Italy to address the country's transition to DAB+, the potential shutdown of FM, the impact of mobile streaming, and on receiver legislation mandating radios are compatible with DAB+ from 2020.
From DDay Italy:

New Opel Insignia: the station wagon wins the prestigious Connected Car Awards 2017
WorldDAB Members News - 18.01.2018 - General Motors LLC - Italy - Italy
The current generation of Opel Insignia stands out for its IntelliLink infotainment system and for OnStar, the personal connectivity and support service. DAB+ increases the number of stations available and the quality of reception.
From Sportfair IT:

Italy passes law requiring receivers to be digitally compatible from 2020
03.01.2018 - Italy - Italy
The Italian Government has passed legislation (Article 1044) aimed at encouraging technological innovation in the digital radio sector starting from 2019. The law will be introduced in two stages: from 1 June 2019, all radio devices sold by manufacturers to distributors would be integrated with at least one interface enabling digital radio services. The second stage from 1 January 2020 will require all devices sold to consumers and the automotive industry to be capable of receiving digital radio.
From Gazetta Ufficiale :

RAI planning to promote DAB+ across Italy
21.12.2017 - Italy - Italy
Italian broadcaster RAI is planning to transition to DAB+ after the government's decision in the 2018 Budget to make the DAB+ signal mandatory in all new FM radio stations starting from January 1, 2019.
From Il Nordest Quotidiano:

Toyota renews the Prius +
21.12.2017 - Italy - Italy
The Active version, proposed at € 32,700, is the entry level of the range and is characterized by 16 "alloy wheels, full smart entry & start system, Safety Sense, multi information system with eco drive monitor, multimedia system Touch2 (iPod ready, 6.1 "display, 6 speakers, bluetooth, Aux-in and Usb) with DAB+ and touch-sensitive capacitive keys, steering wheel controls (audio, telephone, air conditioning, touch tracer and cruise control) and adjustable external mirrors, heated and electrically foldable.
From Repubblica:

Italy's South Tyrol begins FM switch off
12.12.2017 - Italy - Italy
The switch to DAB means RAS can now cover 99.5 percent of the population with 22 digital radio programs and only 84 transmitters. “For us, DAB is 19 times more efficient than FM,” said Georg Plattner, RAS general manager.
From Radio World:

FM Transmitters Switched Off in South Tyrol
11.12.2017 - Italy - Italy
BOLZANO, South Tyrol, Italy — South Tyrol broadcaster RAS has deactivated the first 19 FM broadcasting systems of the Ö1, ORF Radio Tirol and Ö3 radio programs. One of several reasons given for the shutdown is that it reduces operating costs....
From Radio magazine:

DAB+ soon to be used for Emergency Warning System in northern Italy
11.12.2017 - Italy - Italy
The move to DAB+ in Italy has made further progress with news that their Emergency Warning System will soon adopt the digital standard.
From Repubblica:

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Key Information

Status: regular
Population: 60.6 million
Population coverage: Sparkline Graph 83%
Services: 136 DAB+, 7 Data
New cars with DAB/DAB+ as standard: Sparkline Graph 28%
Total Sales (cumulative): 1,343,000 devices
Penetration by household: Sparkline Graph 3%
Last update: 18.01.2018

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Legislation relating to digital radio DAB-T
Digital Broadcasting Trentino Alto Adige