Hungary - Services on Air - History


Antenna Hungaria has operated the multiplex since December 2008. There are currently seven test programmes on air. The name of the test programs are Kossuth, Petőfi, Bartók, Magyar Katolikus Rádió, Klubrádió, Lánchíd Rádió and Inforádió.


There is one trial national multiplex on air. Antenna Hungaria operates the multiplex from December, 2008, presently with seven test programs. The name of the test programs are MR1-Kossuth, MR2-Petőfi, MR3-Bartók, Magyar Katolikus Rádió, Klubrádió, Lánchíd Rádió and, Inforádió.


In this country there is one trial national multiplex on air. Antenna Hungaria operates one multiplex with test programs from 2009. One commercial program in addition to the seven test programs has been available since June 2011.