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In July 2018, the Bulgarian Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) announced it will work with the country’s Council for Electronic Media (CEM) to form an official policy document concerning the adoption of DAB+ and launched a public consultation procedure on the draft CRC position regarding issuing DAB+ licences to broadcasters in the country. 

At the end of 2018 a draft Regulatory Policy for the Administration of radio frequency spectrum was published for public consultation. The draft policy provides for the establishment of a working party to draft an official document reflecting the national policy regarding digital radio broadcasting. This working party shall include representatives from the two main Bulgarian regulatory bodies – the Council for Electronic Media (the authority that issues licenses for the production of radio and TV programs which are broadcast terrestrially and monitors the content of all Bulgarian radio and TV programs) and the Communications Regulation Commission (issuing permissions for the use of specified radio spectrum and monitoring its use).  Read more here

ET DIP TRADING has been awarded a trial license by the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) to transmit DAB/DAB+ digital radio in the territory of Sofia. More information (see licensing protocol 17 and decision number 5 inside the document).


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Future coverage of DAB+ digital radio in Sofia. More information at http://dab.bg/покритие/.

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Over 450 different devices in various price ranges from 20 Bulgarian lev re available in specialised shops and commercial chains.

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At the end of 2018 a draft Regulatory Policy for the Administration of radio frequency spectrum was published for public consultation.  According to the draft Policy the Communications Regulation Commission has the capacity to issue DAB+ licences however as yet no licences have been issued. 

The draft Regulatory Policy notes: “The specification of the T-DAB / T-DAB + technology, as well as the T-DAB / T-DAB + facilities have been developed and approved by ETSI / EBU8 / CENELEC9, based on proposals from the WorldDAB Forum”.

The draft regulatory policy is available to download here (in Bulgarian).

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From PR-USA.net (press release), Bulgaria:

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