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Following the launch of the regional DAB+ network in the eastern region of Austria in April 2018, a national DAB+ network operated by ORS will launch on 28 May 2019 with more radio programs across Austria (approximately 9-10 to start), marking the start of a new era for radio broadcasting in Austria.

The operator's plan is to build the transmitters in there phases. Phase one in May 2019 will see approximately 60% of the population covered by DAB+ signals, phase two will take place in April 2020 year, and finally phase three will take place in September next year and result in approximately about 80% population coverage.

On 2 August 2018, ORS comm GmbH & Co KG was granted a licence for the operation of the nationwide DAB+ multiplex for a period of 10 years. Within the next three years, first the provincial capitals and important traffic routes will be covered, with a planned total DAB+ coverage of approximately 83 per cent of the Austrian population.

Austrian telecommunications regulator RTR has committed to provide four million euros from its digitisation fund to support the introduction of DAB+ digital radio in Austria.




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Coverage of the regular DAB+ multiplex on air in Austria is available at

About 2.8 million people in Vienna the surrounding area are within the coverage agrea.

Coverage of the regular DAB multiplex currently on air in Vienna is shown as follows: 

Coverage in the North:

Coverage in the South:

Coverage in the East:

Coverage in the West:

DAB+ national network expansion in 2019

Following the launch of the regional DAB+ network for the eastern region of Austria in April 2018, the national DAB+ network will launch on 28 May 2019. Over the next three years starting Jauary 2019, first the provincial capitals and important traffic routes will be covered, with a planned total coverage of approximately 83 per cent of the Austrian population.

1) On May 28, 2019, Vienna-Kahlenberg, Vienna-Liesing, Vienna-DC Tower, Graz-Schöckl, Linz-Lichtenberg and Semmering-Sonnenwendstein will be jointly connected. In the course of this first expansion phase, Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland, Styria and Upper Austria will be able to receive DAB+, with almost 60% of the Austrian population covered with a DAB+ signal.

2) The commissioning phase of the nationwide MUX will take place on March 31, 2020 and will include the locations Bregenz-Pfänder, Innsbruck-Patscherkofel, Salzburg-Gaisberg and St. PöltenJauerling. With this expansion stage, up to 75% of the Austrian population will be covered with DAB+ reception.

3) In the third stage of development, Carinthia will be opened up to receive DAB+, while the reception of DAB+ in Styria and Burgenland will be further expanded. This commissioning phase is scheduled for September 22, 2020 and will cover Bruck an der Mur-Mugl, Klagenfurt-Dobratsch, Rechnitz-Hirschenstein and Wolfsberg-Koralpe relate. The third expansion phase will increase coverage to major metropolitan areas to 83% of the Austrian population.


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In this country there is

on air.

One regular multiplex is in operation in Vienna and has space allocated for 17 stations. There are currently 13 DAB+ audio services and two data services (EWS and EPG) on air.


Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB+ programmes 4 11 15

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Cum. receiver sales ~400.000 (incl. line fit automotive)

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Cum. receiver sales ~500.000 (incl. line fit automotive) since 2013.

Nearly three months after the launch of DAB+ services in Vienna, Gernot Fischer, Managing Director of Digitalradio Austria emphasised in an interview with Der Standard in August 2015 the added value of DAB+. He reported that the estimated number of receiver sales to date is approximately 255,000 (excl. internet sales and in-car receivers), thanks to the strong collaboration with retail. Read the article


                   DAB+ receivers available at Media Markt


                    DAB+ receivers available at Saturn


          DAB+ receivers available at Conrad

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DAB+ trial May 2015- April 2018

In Vienna, DAB+ was tested in a pilot project until 7th April 2018, when it became a regular operation. Two transmitters operated as a single frequency network, with one transmitting a 10kW signal. This test mode was originally scheduled to last 10 months from May 28th 2015. Vienna’s DAB+ testing period was extended by one year by media regulator KommAustria. The pilot project was approved by the broadcasting regulator, KommAustria. The multiplex platform operator ORS comm GmbH & Co KG was able to test transmission capacities on "VIENNA 8 (Liesing) channel 11D", "Wien 9 (DC Tower 1) channel 11D" and "Wien 8 (Liesing) channel 12B". Items which were tested in the pilot project were, for example, switching between two frequency blocks (11D and 12B) and their impact on the recipient.

Previous Trials

Two DAB trials ended in 2008. One began in 1999 in the capital Vienna and covered up to 1.73 million people, the other one started in 2000 in the federal state of Tyrol (two sites near the capital of Innsbruck) and covered round about 295,000 people, approximately 40% of the Tyrolian population. The two trials were run by the public broadcaster ORF, with only ORF programs transmitted. About 19% of Austria’s population was covered by a T-DAB signal.

In 2011 the network operator ORS GmbH, a 60% subsidiary of the ORF, made plans to launch a DAB+ trial in 2012 but stopped the project in autumn 2011.

The trial that ended in 2008 included three transmitters in Vienna on Channel 12B. The multiplex featured classical music, Radio Wien (local station), pop music and FM4 pop music (all by ORF). The Austrian public broadcaster ORF was also awarded a DAB digital radio trial licence for the Federal State of Tyrol. ORF set up two DAB digital radio transmitters in Tyrol, covering the Inn Valley between Kufstein and the Brenner Mountain (Channel 12C). Ö1, Ö3, FM4 and the regional station Radio Tyrol, were available on the multiplex. This meant that there was continuous DAB coverage between South Germany and Northern Italy.

These tests have taken place behind closed doors. 


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The market is regulated by the Austrian Communications Authority (KommAustria) and by the Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH, RTR) that provides operational support for KommAustria.

Austria is committed to a digital radio future and a report by the regulators, the Austrian Communications Authority (KommAustria) and RTR-GmbH recommended DAB+ in Band III as the way forward.  A working group was created in 2009 and its members are stakeholders from the Austrian radio market who represent opponents and proponents of digital radio. It consists of the regulatory authority, the public broadcaster ORF, the commercial and non-commercial broadcasters associations, the electronic industry and consumer associations. The group is watching and evaluating the progress of digital radio in other European countries. 

Success factors for the introduction of DAB+ in Austria

  • Active will of the Federal Government to digitise terrestrial radio broadcasting as the last media genre, which has not yet been able to experience terrestrial digitisation in Austria. Thus securing the media and economic location of Austria in order to create non-disruptive, non-Austrian offers. Solving the frequency problem, coordinating with the neighboring countries, and the economic use of the existing broadcasting systems with an active decision for a terrestrial digitisation of the radio broadcast.
  • New programming possibilities for private radio operators. More than two programs are to be made available by an organizer. The number is intended to regulate the market and for a further development of the radio, a maximum of two programmes must be given by one organiser.
  • New possibilities for public broadcasters. In addition to the national programs of public-law audiovisual broadcasting, max. 2 other nationwide, non-regionalisable, advertising-free (!) Programs are made possible.
  • Change of ORF-G, PrR-G and AMD-G with regard to the possibilities offered by the program and service providers (programs, data, additional services, etc.).
  • Promotion of program providers from the digitisation fund for the time of the simulcast. The increase in the allocation of the digitisation fund from currently EUR 500 TSD p.a. To EUR 1.2 million p.a .. Prioritisation of the digitisation fund for the agendas of the digitisation of terrestrial radio broadcasting.
  • Compulsory equipment for newly registered vehicles from 2017 with DAB+ enabled terminals (traffic safety). The need of TPEG-Services is evident.
  • From 2017 onwards, each newly-placed radio receiver intended for terrestrial reception must be capable of receiving digital signals corresponding to a standard of a recognised European standard organisation.

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The association 'Digital Radio Austria' is an initiative to develop the media genre radio, which is supported by the Association of the electrical and electronics industry, together with research institutions, private radio operators, manufacturers and dealers. The club members have set themselves the goal of establishing digital radio in Austria. For more information please visit,

Alpine ILX-F903D Halo9
09.04.2018 - Austria - Austria
The display appears to simply hover over the dashboard and even includes a white LED ambient light on the bottom. It is Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatible, which allows using the navigation functions of smartphones. The product comprises DAB+ digital radio, USB video playback, Bluetooth hands-free, and audio streaming.
From CAN Newsletter Online:

DAB+ initiative launches in Austria
09.04.2018 - Austria - Austria
The Austrian radio broadcasting scene will become more diverse and colorful. Because with the launch of the digital-terrestrial transmission in the DAB + standard, the frequency shortage for radio is terminated, so that the new technology allows many more programs in each supplied area.
From OTS Austria:

Regular DAB+ broadcasts begin in Vienna, and DAB expansion project completed in UK
05.04.2018 - Austria - Austria - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
The first regular broadcasts of DAB + have started in the Vienna, Austria region. Twelve radio stations can be received on the channel 11C multiplex. Across the UK, the program of work to increase the coverage of DAB network, either with new transmitters or modifications to 221 local DAB sites, has been completed.
From Radio magazine:

Austria starts DAB+ regular operation
04.04.2018 - Austria - Austria
The pilot operation of the new DAB+ standard was put into fixed service in Austria on Wednesday, as confirmed by the Digitalradio Österreich. The national expansion will then follow in further stages. Digitalradio Österreich chairman Wolfgang Struber: "Another important step in the development of radio is the interoperability of digital radio receivers (receiving DAB+ and FM programs)."
From InfoSat:

DAB+ officially launched in Austria
04.04.2018 - Austria - Austria
In Austria the first regular broadcasts of DAB+ have been started. In the Vienna region, 12 radio stations can be received on channel 11C. The regional multiplex is operated by Radio Technical Center, which received a license from KommAustria at the beginning of the year.
From Radio NL:

DAB+ in Vienna now in regular operation
04.04.2018 - Austria - Austria
The digital radio standard DAB + has been in regular operation since Wednesday, according to the association Digitalradio Österreich. Still pending is the award of the second tendered, nationwide license.
From Der Standard:

DAB+ regular operation begins in Vienna
04.04.2018 - Austria - Austria
A new DAB+ operation begun in Vienna on Tuesday, located at the DC-Tower from Vienna's Donau City, with a second location to complement the network at a date to be confirmed. Additional spare capacity has already been allocated to programs which are expected to expand the ensemble in May 2018 following a successful approval process.
From Radiowoche:

DAB+ starts in Austria as a regular operation
04.04.2018 - Austria - Austria
"Our goal is to provide all listeners in Austria with more radio offerings via DAB+," said Wolfang Struber, Digitalradio Österreich chairman. "We are currently waiting for the approval letter for the operation of the so-called multiplex platform for the nationwide operation of DAB +, which is expected in the second quarter of 2018."
From Horizont:

Broadcaster Rock Antenne plans nationwide DAB+ distribution in Austria
25.03.2018 - Austria - Austria
According to information from Radiowoche, Rock Antenne plans a nationwide DAB+ distribution in Austria, following their continuous expansion in the German market. Company spokesman Stefan Assfalg confirmed this: "of course, these activities are part of our strategy to further expand the Rock Antenne network in all German-speaking areas on all distribution channels".
From Radiowoche:

Radiodays Europe switches onto Norway’s DSO
22.03.2018 - Austria - Austria - Norway - Norway - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Three months after completing the world’s first digital radio switchover, representatives from the Norwegian radio sector came together at Radiodays Europe in Vienna for an in-depth workshop session, with a panel of speakers reflecting the key stakeholders involved in the DSO process, with 200 delegates from 20 countries in attendance.
From WorldDAB:

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Key Information

Status: regular
Population: 8.7 million
Population coverage: Sparkline Graph 29%
Services: 15 DAB+
Receiver sales (cumulative): 500,000 devices
Total Sales (cumulative): 500,000 devices
Penetration by household: Sparkline Graph 13%
Penetration by population: Sparkline Graph 6%
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