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Czech Radio has one regular multiplex in Prague. Three other multiplexes are on air in the Czech Republic and are operated by TELEKO, Ceske Radiokomunikace and RTI.

 In September 2020, Czech Radio launched 10 new DAB + transmitters, increasing population coverage from 85% to 95%.

A brochure highlighting the 15-year history of DAB+ digital radio in the Czech Republic, is available in Czech here.

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Population coverage currently stands at 95%.

Detailed and up-to-date DAB+ coverage maps can be found at

Czech Radio has one regular multiplex in Prague. Three other multiplexes are on air in the Czech Republic and are operated by TELEKO, Ceske Radiokomunikace and RTI.

Network operator TELEKO operates one regular local DAB/DAB+ multiplex using band III and L- Band, which reaches 5.8 million inhabitants of the Czech Republic. The signal broadcasts in Prague and the surrounding area, in Příbram, Brno and the surrounding region, the Moravia-Silesian region, the Usti nad Labem region and Hradec Kralove region. 15 radio stations are being broadcast on the TELEKO multiplex.

Network operator RTI CZ operates 60 radio transmitters in the FM band, predominantly in Western Bohemia. In 2011 RTI CZ obtained a license for Digital Radio DAB (L Band) in the Pilsenregion, Carlsbad region, South Bohemian region and inPrague city. RTI cz provides DAB broadcasting in West and South Bohemia.


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In this country there are

on air.

A comprehensive listing of DAB+ services on air in the Czech Republic is available at the website by choosing the DAB v ČR option.

Slideshow services are offered by all network operators in Czech Republic. TELEKO uses the latest Rapid software in their DAB CLOUD MULTIPLEXOR. TELEKO transforms the news from RSS feeds into JPEGs and also sends pictures from webcams in studios or weathercams.

Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB+ programmes 34 20 54

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DAB receivers are available as an option in major car brands such as Škoda, VW, Audi, Seat, Mini, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Toyota, Volvo and Opel.

-     Carmaker Škoda sold in 2014 - 2500 pieces of car radios with DAB+.

-     Car audio system DAB+ still requires a surcharge in the Czech Republic.

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DAB radio is using L-band and Band III in the Czech Republic and it is important to check if the receiver is ready for use in both bands.

A wide range of receivers are available to buy online:



Electroworld (

LIDL ( (Sale)


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In August 2007 a trial was launched by TELEKO in cooperation with the public broadcaster Český Rozhlas with three DAB programmes and two DAB+ programmes. This trial used both Band III and L-Band and covered almost 130,000 people. A further trial began in June 2008, again as a joint project between the TELEKO company in cooperation with the public broadcaster Czech Radio. A 2.5Kw transmitter provided coverage of the capital city, Prague, to a population of around 1.3 million. The goal of this noncommercial trial was the promotion of digital radio to the Czech public and Government administrators. In early 2009 a further trial was launched in the second largest city Brno covering approximately 0.5 million people.

Trials have been completed in the Czech Republic and all network operators have been awarded with licenses. Technical trials e.g. for checking signal parameters are operated using the licensed frequencies as a part of the regular transmission implementation. For example, the company Ceske Radiokomunikace is using its L-band licensed frequency for such a test with two programs using the Prague-Zizkov transmitter since early 2013.

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Key features of regulation for digital radio in Czech Republic are:

  • L-Band used
  • Three network operators operate a number of regional or city multiplexes with public and commercial programs
  • Licenses valid for 10 years (till 2022/2023), but all interested in Band III when free
  • No analogue radio switch-off date
  • Analogue radio licenses are prolonged till 2025 when commitment to switch over to digital is signed by the license holder
  • Current network operators will ask for transformation of L-Band licenses to the Band III

Spectrum and content regulation is divided between the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting (content) and the Czech Telecommunication Office (spectrum). 

Each analogue radio license holder which signed the commitment to switch over to digital broadcasting received prolonged analogue license till 2025. Consequently 2025 could be understood as the analogue radio switch off date. There are no obstacles from the content regulator to start digital broadcasting and it has already started.

Spectrum regulator the Czech Telecommunications Office (CTU) has declared that their office will be technology neutral with regard to the DAB audio codec (DAB or DAB+). Licensing was focused on the L-Band which was free and implementation in Band III was waiting for the end of analogue TV transmission in the band (June 2012).

The Radio Spectrum Utilisation Plan (RSUP) for particular bands sets the detailed regulation for use of the frequencies. This part of RSUP is from 2008 and it is still valid. The regulatory body Czech Telecommunication Office is preparing the strategy for Band III and the selection procedure is expected to be launched in 2013.

Band III: According to NTFA Band III is allocated to broadcasting as a primary service and to land mobile as a secondary service. Wireless microphones are used in land mobile service only. The switch over to digital TV was finished end of June 2012 and Band III is ready for digital broadcasting, and is planned for T-DAB and DVB-T in accordance with Geneva 2006 Agreement.

L Band: A tender for 10 year licenses in the 13 largest cities for operation was started on 6 May 2011. Licenses were granted during the September – November period and the company Ceske Radiokomunikace received in total 12 licenses and the company RTI cz s.r.o. one for Prague. All licenses will expire in 2021. Individual authorisations for TELEKO in Block LA were awarded for five years with right to extend. 

The main document for electronic communication regulation is the Act. No. 127/2005 Coll. On Electronic Communications. This document explains spectrum regulation in the Czech Republic and is the National Table of Frequency Allocation (NTFA) which allocates the frequency bands to particular radio communication services and describes the general conditions for frequency use. 

Band III: According to NTFA Band III is allocated to broadcasting as a primary service and to land mobile as a secondary service.


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A marketing campaign is due to be launched, in collaboration with the automotive industry - primarily Skoda - and the main retailers in the country

Broadcasters are investing inmultimedia, with each of the 14 channels in a mux equipped with full multimedia services - headlines, artists information and images

The company RTI cz also promotes DAB+ open days in the Czech Radio, as per the images below taken in Prague, Pilsen and Ceske Budejovice.



The company RTI cz operates its own e-shop with a DAB+ receiver (

The company RTI cz operates a Web portal about digital radio in the Czech Republic on You will find here:

  • Current information
  • What is digital radio
  • History of digital radio
  • DAB in the Czech Republic (operators / list of radio stations / channel list / map coverage)
  • DAB in the world
  • Links to websites about digital radio


1) Day with digital radio (Exhibition of DAB radio receivers and lectures on digital radio in cooperation with Czech Radio) (only in Czech) Promo video here:

2) Digital radio in schools (lectures on digital radio at vocational schools)

3) DAB radio for the blind (RTI have prepared a Czech version of the audio files for the NOXON dRadio1 radio with voice output)


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DAB radio is used for emergency warning distribution by distributing programs of the public broadcaster.
For example, during the floods in June 2013 the actual emergency information was included in the DAB radiotext transmission of two public broadcaster programs.

Pioneer X-HM76D
25.07.2018 - Czech Republic Czech Republic
A great source source of entertainment can be the DAB+ digital tuner, reception on a packed internal antenna (1.5 meter wire) in the interior, excellent even around 35 kilometers from Prague, where they are the closest transmitters of test networks.

(Technet) Read more

RTI announces Czech Digital Radio Day
04.06.2018 - Czech Republic Czech Republic
On the 9th of June 2018 from 18:00 to 24:00, in cooperation with Czech Broadcast Radio Ostrava, RTI will host an event titled "DAY WITH DIGITAL RADIO DAB+." The event takes place within the Ostrava Museum Night.

(RTI ) Read more

DAB digital radio project being introduced to Czech schools
23.03.2018 - Czech Republic Czech Republic
In the support of media literacy in the Czech Republic, the company RTI cz s.r.o. has prepared a project "Digital Radio in Schools". Through lectures, presentations and listening to the newest DAB radio platform, RTI cz s.r.o wants to bring digital radio closer to technical vocational, technical secondary schools and technical universities.

(RTI cz s.r.o. (press release)) Read more

Czech DAB+ station dRadio1 to feature for visually-impaired listeners at INSPO Conference
26.02.2018 - Czech Republic Czech Republic
Radio listeners with visual impairments will learn about Czech station dRadio1, which has enabled voice outputs in its broadcast that converts all menus including station names into audio formats. dRadio1's benefits will be highlighted during April's INSPO Conference in Prague.

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New DAB+ multiplexes possible in Czech Republic as radio frequency usage plan updated
11.02.2018 - Czech Republic Czech Republic
The Czech Telecommunications Authority (ČTU) has updated the radio frequency usage plan for DAB+ in the Czech Republic, to enable the national DAB+ networks to extend from the existing three to seven multiplexes. The remaining six national networks are divided by region. Thus, there can be up to 11 multiplexes in central Bohemia and up to 12 in Prague.

(Radiowoche) Read more

Comments on the future of Band III sent by DAB+ network operators
09.01.2018 - Czech Radio WorldDAB Member - Czech Republic Czech Republic
The Czech Telecommunication Office called for comments and suggestions after it issued a new recommendation or plan of usage for Band 174-380 MHz. Network operator TELEKO commented that as the Czech Republic is still waiting for its licensing and coordination of its main group/allotment approval and assignment, and at the same time other countries are already coordinating smaller secondary individual assignments, the Czech Republic is slowly losing a chance for the coordination of transmitters/assignments in bordering countries.

(Rozhlas) Read more

France making great progress on DAB+ transition
08.12.2017 - Czech Republic Czech Republic
Fifteen new regions in 2018 and another fifteen by mid-2019 should be covered by the DAB+ radio signal in France, announced by CSA chairman Nicolas Curien at the WorldDAB General Assembly last month.

(Rozhlas) Read more

Digital broadcasting in DAB+ exceeds 40% in the Czech Republic
04.12.2017 - Czech Republic Czech Republic
Czech Radiokomunikace (ČRA) has expanded the coverage area of Czech Radio (ČRo) in the digital standard DAB +, commissioning three additional transmitters. Until now, reception of digital radio programs has been possible in the cities of Prague and Beroun, now Pilsen, Ostrava and Brno will be added to them.

(Mediasat) Read more

Czech Radiokomunikace adds three transmitters for DAB+ broadcasting
30.11.2017 - Czech Republic Czech Republic
Czech Radiokomunikace (CRA) extended the coverage of DAB broadcasting for Czech Radio (CRo) with three additional transmitters. The digital broadcasting was available already in Prague and Beroun, and now the operator adds Plzen, Ostrava and Brno.

(Telecompaper) Read more

Czech Republic officially launches DAB+
15.06.2017 - Czech Radio WorldDAB Member - Czech Republic Czech Republic
On 1 June 2017, two years after the country began its DAB+ trial, the multiplex used by public broadcaster Czech Radio entered regular service, launching its four planned transmitters for a signal that reaches 40 percent of the population.

(Radio World) Read more

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Key Information

Status: regular
Population: 10.7 million
Population coverage: Sparkline Graph 95%
Services: 54 DAB+
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