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DAB broadcast programs in Prague and Pribram:

Public radio Český rozhlas Leonardo (science), Wave (alternative  music)  a  D-dur  (classical  music),  radio  Proglas  (religion)  and  DANCE RADIO at both towns. 

DAB broadcast programs in Brno:

Public radio  Ceský  rozhlas  Leonardo  (science),  Cesko  (news),  Region  (regional  news programme),  CRo3  (culture) Wave  (alternative  music),  D-dur  (classical  music)  and private radio   Proglas  (religion).  The  remaining  spare  capacity  is  available  to  carry further radio channels and accommodate dozens of other radio programs  which are being  prepared.  It  broadcasts  in  DAB  and  DAB+.  


DAB broadcast programs in Prague, Brno and Pribram


Radio Proglas  160 kbits / s  DAB
 Living Wave  160 kbits / s  DAB
 Living Leonardo +  64 kbits / s  DAB +
 Living in D-Major +  64 kbits / s  DAB +
 Living 3 +  80 kbits / s  DAB +
 Living REGION +  64 kbits / s  DAB +
 Living Czech +  40 kbits / s  DAB +
 free capacity  64 kbits / s  DAB +
 Radio Proglas +  64 kbits / s  DAB +