In-car digital radio user experience

WorldDAB has produced a set of guidelines for automotive manufacturers and broadcasters on how to deliver the best possible digital radio user experience. The guidelines are based on extensive consumer research carried out in five different countries where drivers were asked to carry out simple tasks using different car radios. 

The research revealed that drivers expect a great, simple user experience, with a radio button to access DAB easily and quickly. It also found that an A-Z station provides the best way to browse stations, pre-sets should be easy to set, and that terminology must be easier to understand. The document is based around seven consumer requests:

I want….:

1. to find DAB radio easily in the car media system
2. to find DAB stations easily
3. the list of stations to be up to date
4. to be able to easily set a station as a pre-set
5. to keep listening to my station if it’s available
6. to know more about what I’m listening to
7. my DAB radio to be set up for me

Download the guidelines