Case Studies

New case studies show how different markets are converting drivers to digital radio and raising awareness with both dealerships and customers

In advanced markets the majority of new cars come with DAB+ as standard - 98% in Norway, 92% in the UK and 85% in Switzerland. Across Europe, Digital Radio rollout organisations are working closely with the automotive sector to ensure all new cars come with digital radio and with dealerships and retailers to drive sales of adapters for cars already on the road. 

German case study                                    

DAB+ dealer training in Germany

Many drivers arrive at the showroom with a list of items they want in their new car and dealer knowledge of DAB+ is low. With this in mind, the team at Digital Radio Deutschland set out to train around 1,500 sales reps per year. The results so far are impressive, with a sales increase  for DAB+ of around 30% per dealer. 

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NL case study                                                      

Raising awareness of DAB+ in the Netherlands 

A cross-industry marketing campaign has been targeting the automotive sector - raising awareness for digital radio with both drivers and the dealerships. One of the key messages is ensuring drivers are set for the future and Digital Radio NL have been taking this to car dealerships across the country. 

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Norway case study                                                               

Switching Norway's drivers to DAB+

Digital Radio Norway worked closely with aftermarket manufacturers to improve product performance and educate retailers and garages. The second phase of the campaign involved promoting car adapters and working with broadcasters to spread the word - at the start of 2018 around 1.6 million cars in Norway now have DAB+. 

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UK case study                                      


Training aftermarket installers in the UK

Digital Radio UK set up a pilot project to assess the communications, capacity and products required to convert the UK car parc to digital radio. It was a local collaboration in the county of Surrey between broadcasters, retailers, garages and radio manufacturers.

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