Aftermarket Devices Guidelines

 The WorldDAB Aftermarket Devices Group was created in 2018 to develop Guidelines for manufacturers developing products for the automotive aftermarket devices and adaptors sector.

This is an ongoing project to help improve the user experience of Aftermarket Devices (AMDs) which include DAB digital radio in-car. The guidelines cover the three types of aftermarket devices on the market; car-specific devices, adaptors and black box solutions (slide 3).

Please also note:

  • This document is live and may change over time as feedback is received from stakeholders and partners. Please ensure you have the latest version number from WorldDAB

  • The current focus of the WorldDAB Aftermarket Devices Group is to bring together stakeholders to develop further these guidelines, provide information of marketing of AMD in DAB markets, including marketing campaigns, communication and information on installer schemes, AMD regulation and testing

  • The guidelines in this document were created based on, but not wholly, the research into UX design carried out by the WorldDAB UX Group. Allowances and changes have been made in line with the nature of AMDs

Download the guidelines here.

If you would like to make comments on this document or would like further information on the Aftermarket Devices Working Group, please contact: