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Digital platforms will prevail
05.05.2015 - Norway - Norway
In a digital radio survey by TNS Gallup, it was found that although the majority of radio listeners surveyed had better access to analogue radios, it is digital listening that prevails.
From Radio Assistant:

Paneda ready for international expansion
WorldDMB Members News - 05.05.2015 - Paneda Management AS - Norway - Norway - Sweden - Sweden
Paneda will shortly introduce a number of new DAB related products on the international market, including a complete new and unique DAB head-end system with its related peripheral components.
From Paneda:

Deutschland radio prepares the groundwork for improvement of digital radio coverage
WorldDMB Members News - 05.05.2015 - Deutschlandradio - Germany - Germany
To improve it's national digital radio coverage, Deutshland Radio has increased its national multiplex transmission capacity from 288 to 396 unites and the error protection to 3/8 instead of 1/2.
From digital fernsehen:

Deutschland Radio improves digital radio coverage
WorldDMB Members News - 04.05.2015 - Deutschlandradio - Germany - Germany
From 5th May, Deutschland Radio has increased its transmission capacity in the national multiplex. This marks the beginning of future actions to improve the digital radio coverage in Germany.
From Radio Szene:

More and more listeners are adopting to digital listening
04.05.2015 - Norway - Norway
The latest findings for this year's first quarter show that FM listening is at it's lowest level ever with 57% of radio listeners using at least one digital platform, which translates to about 1.67 million daily radio listeners.
From My News Desk:

Why Norway will be extinguishing FM broadcasting
03.05.2015 - Norway - Norway
Mari Hagerup, Head of Communications for DigitalRadio Norge talks to La W on the planned shutdown of FM in Norway.
From W Radio:

Regional radio launched on DAB+
01.05.2015 - Netherlands - Netherlands
Broadcast Partners have began regional broadcasting on DAB+ networks in parts of the Netherlands. The three networks will be begin in the North, East and South/South East of the Netherlands

Sound Digital invites extra stations for D2
WorldDMB Members News - 30.04.2015 - Arqiva - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Sound Digital, owned by Arqiva, Bauer Media and UTV is advertising for services to get in touch to register their interest in running a DAB channel on the new D2 multiplex. The ad reads: “There is still capacity to add your brand to the list of new national radio stations. Alongside a strong business plan, you need to be adding something extra for listeners.”
From Radio Today:

CSA authorise Continental DAB+ tests in Rambouillet
WorldDMB Members News - 30.04.2015 - Continental Automotive GmbH - France - France
The Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel(CSA) have authorised tests of T-DMB/DAB+ until 11 November in the area of Rambouillet (Yvelines).
From La Lettre Pro:

Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs calls for more digital radios in cars. "Digital radio is definitely the future"
30.04.2015 - Netherlands - Netherlands
Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp urged the automotive sector to put more digital radios in cars. “Digital radio is definitely the future: I would not spend my money to an analogue radio anymore.” Henk Kamp made his statement on Business News Radio last Friday 24th of April. The show was broadcasted from the AutoRai in Amsterdam. (Listen from 00.34 of audio)
From BNR:

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