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Thailand to launch digital radio in 2018
WorldDAB Members News - 24.03.2017 - National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand - Thailand - Thailand
Thailand's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) plans to launch digital radio in 2018 and states that guidelines should be finalised before the start of a nationwide trial.
From Asia Radio Today:

T+A MP 3100 HV SACD player with DAB+
23.03.2017 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
T+A's latest SACD player, the MP 3100 HV, is bursting with modern tech, including DAB+ and streaming from services such as Tidal and Qobuz.
From What Hi-Fi?:

Latest DAB+ results
23.03.2017 - Australia - Australia
GfK has released the year's first DAB+ survey results, showing cumulative audience numbers for each station. The figures show that 3.6 million Australians, or 27% of the population in the five capital cities, listen to digital radio via DAB+ devices each week.
From Appliance Retailer:

Four applicants bid for second DAB+ multiplex licence
23.03.2017 - Germany - Germany
The German Commission on Licensing and Supervision (ZAK) has received four applications for the second nationwide DAB+ multiplex licence. Due to the number of applicants, ZAK has now launched its ‘Communications Procedure’, to determine whether any of the applicants - Digital Audio Broadcasting Platform, Absolut Digital, Media Broadcast Digital Radio and Radio digital GmgH - can agree on a joint application.
From Telecompaper :

What makes a radio conference?
23.03.2017 - Netherlands - Netherlands
James Cridland gives his thoughts on how Radiodays Europe 2017 highlighted the successes of an industry driven by collaboration for common goals. One such example being the story from Norway, where the process of FM disconnection has begun, moving the country to a digital-only (DAB+) broadcasting system.
From Radioszene:

Tivoli Audio launches Model One Digital radio
23.03.2017 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
The Model One Digital is a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected radio featuring DAB and FM, that can also stream services such as Tidal, Spotify and Deezer.
From What Hi-Fi?:

RTR provides DAB+ funding of up to €4 million
22.03.2017 - Austria - Austria
Austrian telecommunications regulator RTR has committed to provide four million euros from its digitisation fund to support the introduction of DAB+ digital radio in Austria. The allocation of the funds, for the period up to 2020, has been set out in a report published today.
From Radioszene:

Digital Radio Norway CEO: views on the switchover
WorldDAB Members News - 22.03.2017 - Digitalradio Norge AS - Norway - Norway
Supporters of the analog switch off in Norway put forward the benefits of DAB+, including lower costs and more channels. Ole Jørgen Torvmark, the CEO of Digital Radio Norway gave his thoughts on the switchover at Radiodays Europe earlier this week.
From Asia Radio Today:

4 million Euro fund for digital radio in Austria
22.03.2017 - Austria - Austria
Austrian telecommunications regulator RTR is providing up to four million euros for the launch of DAB+ services. Half the fund is planned for the tender, which runs until June, and the remaining two million is devoted to any future calls for tenders by 2020. A maximum of 50% of the actual costs are subsidized. "If, for example, a nationwide service with 15 programs were to be launched, then we could imagine providing about 1.5 million for the radio operators involved over a three-year period. A further 500,000 is available to promote regional DAB+ coverings", explained RTR's Managing Director, Alfred Grinschgl.

Thailand settles on DAB+
WorldDAB Members News - 22.03.2017 - National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand - Thailand - Thailand
Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission is to launch digital radio in 2018 and is finalising guidelines before the start of a nationwide trial. DAB+ licenses are to be sold gradually nationwide, regionally and then locally.
From Radio magazine:

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