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DAB+ to play key role in Bavarian Christmas campaign
25.11.2014 - Germany - Germany
Digital radio will play a significant role in a Bavarian campaign to celebrate the Christmas season. A newly launched Digital Radio Germany marketing campaign in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg will feature on digital radio and will be supported by print and online advertising. Michael Reichert, Head of ARD Project Office Digital Radio, SWR said. "We want to draw attention to Digital Radio. Buoyed by latest GfK figures, digital radio is the largest driver of growth in the segment portable radios ". Press release (German) attached.
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NBTC expected to use DAB+
WorldDMB Members News - 25.11.2014 - National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand
The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) is likely to adopt digital audio broadcasting (DAB) technology for digital radio in Thailand. DAB technology is used for radio broadcasting in Australia and several European countries. DAB+ is the latest version, and a study by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) said DAB+ was a realistic option for Thailand.
From Bangkok Post: Read more... External Link

DABmotion excited as DAB message spreads
24.11.2014 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
In car entertainment specialists Celsus have completed a successful first MECHANEX Show at Sandown Park – in the same week that the car digital radio tick mark was launched by Digital Radio UK (DRUK).
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Digital Radio taking over Norway
24.11.2014 - Norway - Norway
The requirements for a digital radio switchover in Norway have now been met, and Norway is now set for FM broadcasting to end in 2017... The number of nationwide radio stations on air has increased from 5 to 22, there are auto service centres offering to fit DAB radios in over half of Norway’s municipalities ... and the latest Gallup survey shows that 51% of listening to the radio is via DAB
From Sveriges Radio : Read more... External Link

Local DAB digital radio reaches North West Wales in December
22.11.2014 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Listeners in parts of North Wales will be able to receive five extra stations on DAB digital radio from December, when a new local multiplex serving the area is due to go live.
From a516digital: Read more... External Link

Kisstory and Heat added to more areas on DAB in 2015
21.11.2014 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Two additional stations are launching on local DAB digital radio multiplexes serving Cambridge, Kent, Norwich, Nottinghamshire and Sussex from January 2015. Listeners in these areas will be able to listen to Bauer Media's Heat and Kisstory stations broadcast alongside local radio stations in their respective areas.
From a1516digital: Read more... External Link

North Yorkshire's local DAB multiplex set to launch with three services
21.11.2014 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Local DAB is set to launch in North Yorkshire on the 17th December 2014 with three local radio stations on the launch line-up. Broadcasting initially from transmitters at Bilsdale, Acklam Wold and Hildebrand Barracks, the multiplex will carry BBC Radio York and two new DAB offshoot stations from UKRD's local stations Minster FM and Stray FM.
From a516digital: Read more... External Link

President of the CSA (French regulator), Patrice GÉLINET, promises to relaunch digital radio
20.11.2014 - France - France
President of the CSA, Patrice Gélinet, addressed the reasons used by the larger radio stations for not going digital: "…four radio stations are already paying dual transmission costs, FM and long wave, at a price significantly higher than via DAB+, and for a poor quality of signal. Radio France spends €6m for its long wave transmissions, which would cost three times less via DAB+”.
From La Lettre.Pro: Read more... External Link

Frontier Silicon powers 100% of What Hi-Fi? best-buy DAB digital radios
WorldDMB Members News - 20.11.2014 - Frontier Silicon Ltd. - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
What Hi-Fi? has announced its 2014 list of the best DAB radios to buy this Christmas – and all of the selected models are based on Frontier Silicon technology. The devices, from manufacturers Arcam, Geneva, Philips, Pure, Roberts, Revo and Ruark, include portable, handheld and desktop digital radios, hi-fi tuners and in-car DAB radios. Prices range from under £50 up to £600.
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Why digital radio needs to see the light of day
19.11.2014 - France - France
Terrestrial digital radio is an issue that will not go away. It was agreed upon by Parliament, that digital radio would contribute significantly to freedom of expression by permitting a greater number of frequencies.
From La Tribune (France): Read more... External Link

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