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Radio Digitisation happens in 2017
16.04.2015 - Norway - Norway
The Government has concluded digitisation of radio in 2017. The Norweigan Government followed up the Storting's decision to digitise the radio sector, as the criteria for the technology shift has been fulfilled.

Ofcom trials 'affordable DAB' tech for smaller radio stations
16.04.2015 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
Each trial will allow new digital radio services to broadcast to a local area and will help explore how groups of radio stations can work together. The trials will also inform Ofcom's work on identifying suitable frequencies for broadcasting smaller digital stations and help understand how these services could be licensed.
From Mediatel Newsline:

Norway switchover announced
16.04.2015 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom - Norway - Norway
It has been confirmed today that Norway will switch off FM radio in 2017, the first country in the world to shut off analogue for all major radio stations. The switchover will take place over a 12 month period starting in January 2017. Norway was the first country in the world to fully switchover to digital TV in 2009.
From Digital Radio UK:

Ofcom receives 51 applications for local DAB
16.04.2015 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom
51 applications to run one of 10 local DAB multiplexes on a nine-month trial have been received by Ofcom.
From Radio Today:

World's first FM switch off confirmed for 2017
16.04.2015 - Norway - Norway
And it is official. Norway will switch off FM in 2017, as the first country in the world. The government, represented by the Minister of Culture, announced today. That makes today a day of celebration for the broadcasters that have long been working with listeners, the government, retailers, the car industry and each other to achieve five demands set up by the government in 2011.
From Gunnar Garfors :

Norway to switch off FM in 2017
WorldDMB Members News - 16.04.2015 - Digitalradio Norge AS - Norway - Norway
On 16 April, the Ministry of Culture announced a national FM-switch off, to complete the transition to digital radio. The switchover will begin in the North on 11 January 2017 and will be implemented region by region, concluding 13 December 2017.
From Digitalradio Norge:

The growth of digital radio!
16.04.2015 - Australia - Australia
Is digital radio in Australia dead? Not according to recent figures, in fact far from it. Digital radio is going strong and getting stronger. The recent news that Digital radio is now reaching 3.2 million listeners in Australia, according to GfK figures released by Commercial Radio Australia (CRA), shows growth of 24% in the past year. If that growth rate continues, digital radio listeners would exceed 10 million in Australia by 2020.
From Radio Today (Aust & NZ):

Pure gearing up its efforts in Norway
WorldDMB Members News - 15.04.2015 - Pure - Norway - Norway
Pure confirmed their investment into the Norwegian receiver market at a press launch this week. "We see the transition to digital radio in Norway as a good opportunity to kick start in Norway. We are going to have more people in the various regions in the future. But cooperation on car radios is the biggest driver." says Jasper Wybrants, Country Manager for Pure in Norway.
From Digitalradio Norge:

National Audit Report: It feels like the Soviet Union in the 50's
15.04.2015 - Sweden - Sweden
Staffan Rosell, president of Discovery SBS Radio is the largest player in the commercial radio market, is very surprised at the Swedish National Audit conclusions. "The National Audit takes the side of digital opponents... One gets the feeling that they only received information from one side of the debate" he said to Dagens Media.
From Dagensmedia:

"Time to get up from the trenches
15.04.2015 - Sweden - Sweden
The National Audit Office's report is partially deficient, and did not favour debate on Swedish radio's future, writes Per G. Porvoo, Teracom AB. The National Audit review has been carried out especially from an economic perspective. It is a distinction that raises more questions than it provides answers. It gives unfortunately only space to answer some of the erroneous descriptions in the report.
From DN:

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