Geneva Touring S: nostalgic styling with modern technology
13.07.2017 - Switzerland - Switzerland
Despite its reassuringly solid retro feel, there’s nothing old fashioned about this device. As well as offering FM and DAB/DAB+ there's a Bluetooth wireless speaker function included.
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Switzerland: 3 million DAB+ radio devices sold
05.07.2017 - Switzerland - Switzerland
Digital radio is attracting considerable interest in Switzerland. 3 million DAB+ devices are now in circulation, and the equipment in new vehicles is also very advanced, with two thirds of them now being sold with a DAB+ receiver without extra charge.
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Switzerland: Three Million DAB+ Devices Sold
WorldDAB Members News - 05.07.2017 - OFCOM Switzerland - Switzerland - Switzerland
The three million mark of DAB+ devices has been crossed in Switzerland. As a result digital consumption of radio programs and general awareness for DAB+ are on an upswing, according to a recent study by the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM). Key to the growth of DAB+ devices in Switzerland was the progress of vehicles with DAB+ reception.
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Switzerland reach 3 million DAB+ receivers sold
WorldDAB Members News - 27.06.2017 - OFCOM Switzerland - Switzerland - Switzerland
Digitalradio continues to be of great interest in Switzerland. Three million DAB+ devices are in circulation, the equipment of new vehicles is growing rapidly. Digital listening of radio programmes as well as the popularity of DAB+ show a positive trend.
From Federal Office of Communications OFCOM:

Helping convert Swiss drivers to DAB+
19.06.2017 - Switzerland - Switzerland
With Switzerland due to start digital switchover (DSO) from 2020, one of the biggest challenges will be in converting the millions of existing cars to DAB+. Ernst S. Werder from WeEr GmbH has been working with drivers and dealers to get cars switched over as early as possible.
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Europe's digital radio rollout 2017, Part II
WorldDAB Members News - 19.05.2017 - European Broadcasting Union (EBU) - Switzerland - Switzerland
In Part II of a four-part focus of the European Broadcasting Union's Media Intelligence Service Digital Radio Report 2017, Radio World looks at the continent's DAB digital radio “Embracers.”
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KitSound DAB+ car adapter
11.05.2017 - Switzerland - Switzerland
The new KitSound DAB+ car adapter with bluetooth brings digital radio and music streamed from your smart device to your existing in-car audio system.
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Geneva Touring S Model
06.05.2017 - Switzerland - Switzerland
Classic radio styling meets contemporary digital radio hardware in Geneva’s rechargeable Touring S model. Designed to fling in a weekend bag or carry-on case, it’s got six FM and six DAB presets – offering potentially hundreds of stations – with up to 20 hours of playing from a full charge.
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EBU releases digital radio report 2017
WorldDAB Members News - 21.04.2017 - European Broadcasting Union (EBU) - Switzerland - Switzerland
The European Broadcasting Union's Media Intelligence Service's Digital Radio Report 2017 offers an overview of digital radio rollout across Europe. The annual update highlights which European countries are leading the way in the transition to digital radio, which are embracing it, countries that recently launched digital radios services and those currently without a market for digital radio.
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How can private radio stations be encouraged to adopt DAB?
04.04.2017 - Switzerland - Switzerland
That was the subject of the session hosted by Patrick Hannon, President of WorldDAB, at the EBU's Radio Summit in Geneva. Addressing the arguments for and against DAB for broadcasters, and concluding that many of them have already made the choice in favor of DAB digital radio.
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