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Adopting digital radio
24.08.2015 - South Africa - South Africa
In South Africa the National Association of Broadcasters and the Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association (Sadiba), are busy with DAB+ digital radio technology trials, which are being headed by Dave Cherry. Cherry shares with Screen Africa how Africa and the rest of the world are moving towards this digital medium.
From Screen Africa :

South Africa gears up for digital radio
WorldDAB News - 20.04.2015 - South Africa - South Africa
South Africa still hasn't switched on commercial digital terrestrial television broadcasts, but that isn't holding back the broadcasting industry from running trials to test digital radio broadcasts.
From TechCentral:

SADIBA Will Host Conference on Digital Broadcasting in Johannesburg
WorldDAB News - 13.04.2015 - South Africa - South Africa
Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association is hosting an extensive conference on Digital Radio (and TV) broadcasting, next week on April 15, 16, and 17 in Johannesburg. At this conference, WorldDMB will give an international update on progress in Europe, Asia Pacific and Arab States on DAB/DAB+.
From Radio magazine:

South Africa: Digital Broadcasting Now - SADIBA Digital Broadcasting Workshop,15-17 April 2015, Johannesburg
09.04.2015 - South Africa - South Africa
The viewing public across Southern Africa has been promised new and compelling digital broadcast services for more than ten years. Too much time has been wasted talking about the technology, the transition to digital,release of digital divided spectrum, benefits to the consumer and the ITU deadlines. The time for action has come.The time for Digital Broadcasting is Now. Be in Johannesburg 15-17 April 2015 and drive the transition to digital broadcasting.

Sentech to run pilot of digital radio
26.08.2014 - South Africa - South Africa
The state-owned broadcasting signal distributor Sentech will test digital radio technologies from October, a move that will open the airwaves to more radio stations and improved audio quality.
From BDlive:

Challenges of digital radio dominate opening day of 2014 Joburg Radio Days
02.07.2014 - South Africa - South Africa
Audience segmentation, genre-based multiple streams and closer integration of social media with on-air broadcasting were some of the issues raised by the audience who were keen on understanding the technical possibilities of digital broadcasting.

Icasa licenses new pay-TV operators
30.04.2014 - South Africa - South Africa
Mobile TV wants to introduce TV services in South Africa using Korea’s digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) technology as well as digital radio using the DAB and DAB+ standards.

South Africa Moves Forward With DAB+ Trial
04.02.2014 - South Africa - South Africa
The WorldDMB Forum reports an update on the South African DAB+ trial, which will be conducted by the Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association in conjunction with the National Association of Broadcasters. The trial will consist of two high power transmitter stations in Johannesburg and Pretoria.
From Radio World:

South African Broadcasters Ready to Test DAB+
03.02.2014 - South Africa - South Africa
A DAB+ test is scheduled for Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa, according to WorldDMB News. After coverage verification tests, the two transmitters will operate as a single frequency network in VHF band III, on channel 13F at 239.2MHz.
From Radio magazine (press release):

Joint SADIBA/NAB Digital Radio DAB+ trial technical update
29.01.2014 - South Africa - South Africa
The South African DAB+ trial will consist of two high power transmitting stations (10kw transmitter power) 100kw ERP situated in Johannesburg and Pretoria in the province of Gauteng. The trial will operate as a SFN in VHF band III on Channel 13F on a frequency of 239.200MHz. This will happen after coverage verification at transmitter powers of 2kw, 5kw, and 10kw. The total area covered by the trial is 21185km2 and the total gross population covered is 10,705,387 (21.5% of total SA population). It is envisaged that between 18 and 20 radio stations from the Public, Commercial and Community sectors will participate in the trial.