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WorldDAB’s Eureka! provides an overview on all aspects of digital radio rollout. It focuses on the latest hot topics and news stories currently affecting the international digital radio industry. 

It is read by over 4000 key industry stakeholders which includes WorldDAB members who reflect the whole digital radio industry value chain in addition to country regulators, policy makers and members of the European parliament.


Issue 26 (August 2015) 

DAB – Adding value to radio in a digital age - This summer edition of Eureka! explores the actions being taken to add value to radio listening through DAB. 

Issue 25 (April 2015)
Delivering DAB to the listener - This edition highlights the growing demand for receivers with DAB functionality for the home and in the car.

Issue 24 (December 2014) 
This edition, includes articles covering hybrid radio, the digital radio toolkit and DAB+ for local and community radio stations. 

Issue 23 (July 2014) 
The latest edition of Eureka Online features articles on Digital Switchover from a global perspective, the latest developments in the UK to drive digital listening in cars in the UK and much more. 

Issue 22 (February 2014) 
Topics covered include: Efficient Content Delivery, “LTE Broadcast” – The Next Hyped Broadcasting Challenger, Radio via 3B/4G, FM or DAB+?

Issue 21 
Topics covered include financial models and incentives offered by DAB+, the diverse manner in which DAB+ can be utilised other than for radio and receiver and an automotive manufacturers view on the growth of the DAB+ digital radio market. 

Issue 20 
Topics covered include articles that provide information on cost effective, efficient network rollout from key DAB/ DAB+ markets. 

Issue 19 

Topics covered in this issue include: DAB Patent Expiry, Economics of Broadcasting – Use it or lose it, Digital Radio in Germany: A spotlight on Bavaria and Digital Radio and the Automotive Industry.

Issue 18 
Topics covered include: Future trends in receiver technology, Emergency Warning Systems in DAB and the DAB+ Indonesia Technology Showcase.

Issue 17 
Breaking barriers, the next steps for digital radio.

Issue 16 

An overview of the Business Case Scenarios Report, an update on the French and German radio industry and a look at the latest work by the WorldDAB Technical Committee. 

Issue 15 
An overview of WorldDAB's work during 2011.

Issue 14
This issue of Eureka! focuses on the key points behind successful country roll outs. 



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Eureka! Issue 26 (August 2015) now available

Issue 26 (August 2015)

DAB – Adding value to radio in a digital age - This summer edition of Eureka! explores the actions being taken to add value to radio listening through DAB.

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Find out about the hundreds of DAB/ DAB+ devices on the market with prices starting as low as 20 Euro (25 USD) consumers have plenty of choice when choosing what receiver to listen to their favourite digital radio stations on, whether at home, on the move or in-car.

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