Final green light for the digitisation of Flemish radio landscape
01.11.2016 - Belgium - Belgium
The Flemish government has published a draft decree on the future radio landscape. Minister Gatz outlined how the decree must ensure that the radio landscape is diverse and how digital radio is a key part of this.
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New Dutch and Flemish digital radio station planned
01.11.2016 - Belgium - Belgium
The Flemish government turned on green light for the reform of the radio landscape. They outlined that the plan should ensure that the national radio's move from analogue (FM) to digital (DAB+) and that the local radios to be strengthened. There will also be three or four commercial network radios. One of them is a Flemish channel, with particular attention to Flemish and Dutch music.
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RTBF’s Laurent Finet describes Belgium’s plans for digital radio
25.10.2016 - Belgium - Belgium
A recent interview with Laurent Finet, Director of production and innovation of digital radio at RTBF, provides some further insight into what is planned for digital radio in Belgium. “The main advantage is that this format (digital radio transmission) will allow radio to remain free in opposition to internet radio” said Finet.
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The DAB+ revolution is being quietly prepared in Belgium
WorldDAB Members News - 17.10.2016 - RTBF - Belgium - Belgium
The big launch of DAB+ will take place in 2017" says Laurent Finet of RTBF. "Radio today has two challenges: give more space for new content with better sound quality, and retain the interest of the younger audience. The solution? DAB+.
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Belgian broadcaster TOPradio preparing for a DAB+ future
26.07.2016 - Belgium - Belgium
Belgian Dutch-language broadcaster TOPradio has recently upgraded its on-air and production studios, seeing DAB+ as opening up new potential in terms of audience reach. “The FM dial in Flanders is saturated, with no future prospects, despite the upcoming 2017 FM radio licence review... our growth lies with DAB+ and our new studio configuration is ready to deal with it.”
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Flanders opts for DAB+
19.07.2016 - Belgium - Belgium
The Flemish government has approved plans for the future radio landscape in Flanders, the draft decree is explicit and sets out plans for switching to DAB+. The Flemish radio landscape will also change dramatically in the coming years. The national commercial radio stations have a digitization obligation if their licenses are renewed.
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Zen FM tests DAB+ in Flanders
18.07.2016 - Belgium - Belgium
Zen FM has started test broadcasts using Norkring's commercial network. Next year DAB+ in Flanders will be further extended as the national commercial stations Qmusic, Joe FM and Nostalgie plan to broadcast via DAB+.

WorldDAB events in Brussels and Monaco
31.05.2016 - Belgium - Belgium - Monaco - Monaco
The WorldDAB Automotive 2016 event took place on 11 May in Brussels and more than 150 people attended. The main message coming from the event was the need to accelerate the integration of DAB+ in vehicles. WorldDAB was also present at Medpi in Monaco, sharing a stand with Pure. This provided the opportunity to share key information with players in distribution and specialised press and discuss the continued deployment of digital radio through France.
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FM shutdown eyed within five years in Flanders
18.05.2016 - Belgium - Belgium
The Flanders region in Belgium is looking to do away with FM radio within the next five years, according to a report from De Standaard. Flemish Media Minister Sven Gatz has unveiled a plan that will see the region switch to DAB+ digital radio, which he anticipates will provide more room in the spectrum for additional channels.
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Belgium pledges 5.4 million for digital radio
17.05.2016 - Belgium - Belgium
The Walloon government will release 5.4 million euros to facilitate the implementation of Digital Terrestrial Radio in Belgium. According to the website of RTBF, a decision was taken by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and will be primarily funded by the Walloon Region.
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