DAB stakeholders to be well represented at 2017 European Motor Show
WorldDAB Members News - 18.01.2017 - Norkring, Telenor - Belgium - Belgium
Major radio industry players are uniting to jointly run an information campaign at this year’s European Motor Show. Those players include VRT and Norkring Belgium (the DAB+ system operator for VRT and the private Flemish-language radio stations) and, the digital radio platform bringing together RTBF and French-speaking private radio stations.
From Radio Magazine:

Le DAB+ au Salon de l’Auto
13.01.2017 - Belgium - Belgium
Envie d’une nouvelle voiture ? Choisissez le modèle, la couleur…, mais n’oubliez pas de demander une autoradio compatible DAB+ ! » Par l’intermédiaire de ce slogan, les principaux acteurs belges de la radio, Norkring België et la Febiac adressent le message suivant au public belge. Après la télévision, la radio se préparer à entrer à son tour dans l’ère 100% numérique, grâce à la technologie de diffusion radio en DAB+ !

DAB+ op het autosalon
WorldDAB Members News - 13.01.2017 - Norkring, Telenor - Belgium - Belgium
“Koop je een nieuwe auto? Kies het model en de kleur maar vergeet zeker geen DAB+ radio!” Met deze slagzin geven Norkring, VRT, maRadio en Febiac de boodschap mee dat na televisie, ook het radiolandschap de digitale weg is ingeslagen.

DAB+ on display at the 95th European Motor Show Brussels
WorldDAB Members News - 13.01.2017 - Norkring, Telenor - Belgium - Belgium
During the 95th European Motor Show Brussels first cooperation between the Belgian radio industry and the Belgian car industry is on display. The project aims to inform the public about digital radio, in preparation for a big DAB+ promotional campaign launching next year.

What Norway's digital switchover means for Belgium
11.01.2017 - Belgium - Belgium - Norway - Norway
Francis Goffin from RTBF explores the progress of DAB+ in Belgium and the possibilty of hosting their own digital switchover in the coming years.
From RTBF:

DAB updates from Flanders, Norway and Ukraine
10.01.2017 - Belgium - Belgium - Norway - Norway - Ukraine - Ukraine
During the last week of December, the Flemish Parliament approved the new plan of the Flemish Media Minister Gatz, which provides a focus on digital radio in the Flanders region.While the big news from Norway is that the FM shutdowns will start during the week of January 9th. At the end of December, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine National Council decided to contact the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine regarding amendments to the plan for radio frequency resources throughout the country.
From Radio Magazine:

Oldies Channel starts via DAB+
06.01.2017 - Belgium - Belgium
The range of DAB+ radio statiosn available in Flanders this week expanded to include VBRO Evergreen a station dedicated to playing oldies music station.
From Radio.NL:

Flemish Parliament approves new radio plan for Flanders estate
24.12.2016 - Belgium - Belgium
The Flemish Parliament has approved the new radio plan of the Flemish Media Minister Gatz. The new plan provides a focus on digital radio via DAB+. The FM licenses of the national commercial radio stations in Flanders (Qmusic, Joe and Nostalgia) will be extended by four years until the end of 2021. However, these stations must begin broadcasting via DAB+ from September 2018.
From Mediamagazine:

Final green light for the digitisation of Flemish radio landscape
01.11.2016 - Belgium - Belgium
The Flemish government has published a draft decree on the future radio landscape. Minister Gatz outlined how the decree must ensure that the radio landscape is diverse and how digital radio is a key part of this.
From Radio.NL:

New Dutch and Flemish digital radio station planned
01.11.2016 - Belgium - Belgium
The Flemish government turned on green light for the reform of the radio landscape. They outlined that the plan should ensure that the national radio's move from analogue (FM) to digital (DAB+) and that the local radios to be strengthened. There will also be three or four commercial network radios. One of them is a Flemish channel, with particular attention to Flemish and Dutch music.
From Het Nieuwsblad: