Commercial DAB+ launched at the WorldDMB European Automotive Event
21.05.2015 - Belgium - Belgium
"The future of radio is digital." said Minister of Media Sven Gatz as he launched the first DAB+ commercial radio services in and around Brussels at the WorldDMB European Automotive Event, held today at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels. There are now 7 commercial radios (TOPradio, VBRO Radio, Radio Maria, Radio FG, Radio City, Family Radio and ClubFM) available digitally. These stations join the 16 DAB stations currently offered by VRT and RTBF.
From Norkring:

Digital radio reaches a tipping point in Europe - broadcasters call for digital radio as standard in cars
WorldDMB News - 20.05.2015 - Norkring, Telenor - Belgium - Belgium
At the WorldDMB European Automotive Event held today in Brussels, broadcasters from across Europe called for digital radio to be fitted as standard in all cars to give drivers access to the benefits of digital radio services. The last six months have seen a stream of political developments across Europe in support of digital radio.
From WorldDMB:

Norkring to launch DAB+ in Brussels 20 May
11.05.2015 - Belgium - Belgium
... Radio FG, Radiostad, Familie Radio and ClubFM will be available from two transmitters, with Norkring planning a total 20 transmitters to cover all of Flanders and Brussels. The public broadcasters RTBF and VRT already have 16 DAB channels available.
From Telecompaper (subscription):

Norkring to launch DAB+ at WorldDMB European Automotive Event
WorldDMB News - 08.05.2015 - Norkring, Telenor - Belgium - Belgium
Leading provider of broadcasting services in the Nordic region will be launching DAB+ in and around Brussels at the WorldDMB European Automotive Event in Brussels on 20th May. Minister of Media Sven Gatz will officially preside over the launch.
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WorldDMB to Host Automotive Conference in Brussels
WorldDMB News - 09.04.2015 - Belgium - Belgium
WorldDMB provides a global forum promoting the switch from analog to digital radio, and in Brussels will bring together broadcasters, car manufacturers and European Union executives to discuss digital radio in the car. There will also be an exhibition area with demonstrations and products from both the radio and automotive industries.
From Radio magazine (press release):

VRT starts DAB+ test broadcasts
07.04.2015 - Belgium - Belgium
The Flemish public broadcaster VRT has started DAB+ test broadcasts, reports Totaal TV. The initial broadcasts are on the news station Nieuws+. Norkring, which operates the digital broadcast network in Flanders and Brussels, announced in January that the first DAB+ broadcasts were scheduled to start in the spring.
From Telecompaper (subscription):

VRT starts test transmissions in DAB+
07.04.2015 - Belgium - Belgium
The Flemish public broadcaster VRT has launched a test with DAB+.

WorldDMB announces automotive event in Brussels “Radio – the best connection in the car”
WorldDMB News - 24.03.2015 - United Kingdom - United Kingdom - Belgium - Belgium
WorldDMB today announce further details of the 6th WorldDMB European Automotive Event which will be held in the heart of the European Union in Brussels at the Autoworld Museum on Wednesday 20 May 2015. The theme of the event is ‘Radio - the best connection in the car’. Topics covered will include DAB/DAB+ market updates, the connected car and the OEM perspective, user interface, EC ITS directive on emergency warnings using DAB+, the Europe-wide initiative for a digital tick mark, and more.
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RTBF and RTL request state aid for DAB+ digital radio
17.02.2015 - Belgium - Belgium
When asked about about digital radio by Belgian newspaper Le Soir, Francis Goffin, Director of RTBF responded "People are not yet aware of the revolution that is brewing, but in 10 years there will be no more FM frequencies (...) private and public radio stations are in agreement to pay migration costs, but public funds are also needed. Specifically, we ask €12 million over 10 years."
From La Lettre Pro:

Brussels Will Get DAB+ This Spring
WorldDMB Members News - 04.02.2015 - Norkring, Telenor - Belgium - Belgium
DAB coverage in Brussels and surrounding areas will be a priority this spring as Norkring Belgium, the DAB licensee in the region, moves to expand coverage in the country.
From Radio World: