Plans for DAB+ network in Brussels
30.10.2014 - Belgium - Belgium
Radio operator Norkring has plans to bring a DAB+ network on air in Brussels. The network would be a trial with two stations in the Belgian capital to encourage commercial radio stations get interested in digital terrestrial radio.
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The radio revolution
01.04.2014 - Belgium - Belgium
Once the authorities have given their final approval to deploy the new digital terrestrial radio (DAB) everyone will be able to have better sound quality, content rich text, images, video and interactivity via the screen of a digital radio receiver.
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DAB+: the new way to listen to radio stations on the air
01.04.2014 - Belgium - Belgium
FM has every reason to fear for its future with DAB.
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Director of RTL Radio Belgium explains why DAB+ is the future
12.12.2013 - Belgium - Belgium
Eric Adelbrecht, Director of RTL Radio, Belgium speaks about how DAB+ is the future of radio in Belgium and discusses the technologies benefits.
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Francis Goffin elected to WorldDMB
06.11.2013 - Belgium - Belgium
Francis Goffin said, " this election is the international recognition of the work done by the RTBF for 3 years at the Belgian level but also at the international level, for the digital migration of radio, an issue that is a major opportunity for platform development of radio media in any digital world of today and tomorrow's consumers. "
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Detailed, Timely Traffic Info With TPEG
13.06.2013 - Belgium - Belgium
At almost every conference about radio’s future, one can find a speaker or two saying that traffic information is one of the reasons why consumers should opt for digital radio in their cars.
From Radio World:

Factum and Norkring Belgium sign an agreement to consolidate further DAB in Belgium
18.03.2013 - Belgium - Belgium
Factum and Norkring Belgium signed a contract to ensure the further operation of the existing digital radio network while establishing the basis for future DAB+ extension in Belgium.

“Call for interest” for digital audio broadcasting in Flanders and Brussels
21.02.2013 - Belgium - Belgium
Norkring België N.V. is launching a “call for interest” for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) in Flanders and Brussels.

Digital Conference Tackles Issues
11.11.2012 - Belgium - Belgium
This year’s EBU Digital Radio Conference, held Oct. 10–11 here in Brussels, played host to more than 50 senior managers from public service radio broadcasters. Radio is now more than 110 years old, while digital radio is only 18, and like every debutante, digital radio is trying to make itself look more attractive. DAB has not had the easiest childhood, and now, during its adolescence, EBU members — as well as many other radio enthusiasts — are striving to find the best way to ensure that this medium reaches its potential

Toyota Belgium to Use DAB for Traffic
09.10.2012 - Belgium - Belgium
Toyota announced today that all of their Land Cruiser V8, Grand Prius Lounge version, Prius Solar Premium version cars sold in Belgium will receive traffic information through Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB).
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