Classic 21 now broadcasts DAB+ with slideshow
WorldDAB Members News - 29.03.2016 - RTBF - Belgium - Belgium
Classic 21 now provides listeners with visual information in slideshow mode providing information such as news, weather, traffic information and other information about the music. Classic 21 is the radio pilot project for the RTBF.
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Norking extends DAB+ in Flanders
WorldDAB Members News - 25.03.2016 - Norkring, Telenor - Belgium - Belgium
Norkring recently added three new DAB+ stations, and with its new transmitter they now cover a larger part of Flanders. Norkring expects to further expand its DAB+ reach in 2017 so that it covers all of Flanders.
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New Norkring DAB+ transmitter to the benefit of the Flemish commercial radio stations
WorldDAB Members News - 21.03.2016 - Norkring, Telenor - Belgium - Belgium
Norkring now has an additional 3 new stations live, extending network coverage in large parts of Flanders.
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Broadcasters from across Europe form alliance to promote digital radio
WorldDAB Members News - 16.03.2016 - British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) - United Kingdom - United Kingdom - Germany - Germany - Belgium - Belgium - Czech Republic - Czech Republic - Switzerland - Switzerland - Austria - Austria - Norway - Norway
The 12 companies involved run more than 300 radio stations and reaching over 130 million listeners. They have elected the Director of BBC Radio, Helen Boaden, as the first President of the European Digital Radio Alliance.
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2nd DAB+ Forum held in Antwerp
WorldDAB Members News - 16.03.2016 - Norkring, Telenor - Belgium - Belgium
The event which attracted over 100 attendees including government and saw the announcements of two new DAB+ services in Limburg and Antwerp.
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European Digital Radio Alliance formed
15.03.2016 - Germany - Germany - United Kingdom - United Kingdom - Czech Republic - Czech Republic - Norway - Norway - Belgium - Belgium
Members include public and commercial broadcasters; the BBC, Global Radio and Bauer Media Group (UK), NRK (Norway), RTBF (Belgium), NPO (Netherlands), the Swiss SRG, Radio Arabella (Austria) and Cesky rozhlas.
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DAB+ transmitting in Limburg
WorldDAB Members News - 01.03.2016 - Norkring, Telenor - Belgium - Belgium
Several Flemmish commercial radio stations are now being broadcasted in Limburg on DAB+.
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Flemish Minister for Culture champions DAB+ in shift FM shift
10.01.2016 - Belgium - Belgium
In an interview, Flemish MInister for Culture, Sven Gatz has said that radio stations have an obligation to invest in DAB+. To encourage this, Gatz believes that FM frequencies should continue to be renewed after 2017.

Norkring Belgium expands its DAB+ network
WorldDAB Members News - 18.11.2015 - Norkring, Telenor - Belgium - Belgium
Norkring Belgium will be expanding its DAB+ network in conjunction with eight commercial radio stations. Next Spring, Norkring will broadcast in DAB+ from Genk (Limburg) Egem (East and West Flanders) and Schoten (Antwerp).
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Norkring expands DAB+ network in Flanders
WorldDAB Members News - 18.11.2015 - Norkring, Telenor - Belgium - Belgium
Norkring announced the expansion of the DAB+ network in Flanders. The digital radio service is already available in Brussels and will be expanded to Genk (Limburg), Egem (West and East Flanders) and Schoten (Antwerp). In 2017, the network should cover all of Flanders.
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