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Following Paris, Nice and Marseille, Strasbourg, Lyon and Lille will start to broadcast DAB+ in 2017, including services from Radio France (FIP and Mouv’) and RFI (Radio France International). Coverage proposals for Rouen, Toulouse and Nantes have been presented by the regulator to the radio editors.

Reportage on the ongoing  expansion of DAB+ in France [in French].

Current Situation

Digital radio launched in Paris, Nice and Marseille in 2014. Across the three cities over 100 services are on air - all but one are on DAB+.

In January 2015 the CSA published a report outlining its support for digital radio. 

In December 2015 the CSA adopted the conclusions from a June 2015 public consultation and defined the timetable it intends to implement to continue the deployment of Digital Broadcast Radio throughout mainland France. This schedule provides for the call-up of more than 40 regional allotments in metropolitan France beyond those of Paris, Marseille and Nice, which have already been the subject of an appeal, and more than a hundred local allotments. The timetable spreads from 2016 to 2023.

 Following a June 2016 call for application, 96 radios have been selected for Lille, Lyon and Strasbourg regions. Nantes, Rouen, Toulouse calls for application will happen in H1’2016 2016 with learning from Lille, Lyon and Strasbourg. , Bordeaux, Besançon, Orléans and Clermont-Ferrand will follow in 2017. All regional allotments are doubled up by local allotments in the same areas.

In order not to jeopardize the possible arrival of players who want a nationwide deployment, the CSA is reserving two national allotments. If required, more local calls for applications will be considered in the future. The CSA announced in January 2017 that they may consider a faster timetable, with a focus on regional multiplexes and high density population areas. Expect also a public consultation on main road coverage.

Trial services have been on air in Lyon and Nantes for several years. 13 stations are on air in Nantes. The trial service in Lyon are stopped as a regular service will be deployed.  An additional trial is taking place in Rambouillet with the stated objective to test digital radio in mobility, including a TPEG service and a dedicated automotive application called Carison. Two trials are also on air in Paris: a TPEG trial as well as a new trial in the eastern part of Paris, intended to supplement poor FM reception following request from listeners (the so called “sans radio” group). Radio France's portfolio of radio stations are broadcasting on this trial which is conducted by Towercast since early July 2016.


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The network operator (TDF) produced comprehensive coverage plans in 2009 ready for the start of national and regional services. One of the benefits of digital radio to French listeners, as pointed out by the CSA, is that it will allow greater coverage and more stations in many areas. This is important to the CSA who have a remit to provide the best possible service including coverage to the widest possible audience.

Combining the Marseille, Nice and Paris commercial services, nearly 20% of the population have access to a digital radio service. The CSA has the responsibility to take notice when the 20% threshold is achieved; this 20% population coverage would trigger the mandatory inclusion of digital radio in all receivers sold in France after a period which varies depending on the type of receiver.

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In this country there are

on air.

There are six regular regional commercial multiplexes on air in Paris, four in Nice and four in Marseille. 46 stations are on air in Paris, 29 in Marseille and 30 in Nice (Feb 2017 count). 23 of the 46 DAB+ stations on air in Paris, 19 of the 30 DAB+ stations on air in Nice and 19 of the 29 DAB+ stations in Marseille are available exclusively via DAB+ digital radio (not on FM).

There is one trial local multiplex on air in Nantes, one trial local multiplex in East Paris and one trial local multiplex on air in Rambouillet. 5 of the 10 DAB+ stations on air in Nantes and 1 of the 5 DAB+ stations on air in Rambouillet are available exclusively via DAB+ digital radio (not on FM).

Several stations offer Slideshow services (SLS).


Simulcast on AM / FM Exclusive on digital Total of services
DAB+ programmes 49 66 115

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The automotive after sale manufacturers are also proposing a wider range of DAB+ car radio. Pioneer, Clarion, Alpine or Kenwood, among others, are all offering solutions in France.

In France, DAB radio is available in 33% of new cars – primarily as an option.


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In France, DAB+ digital radio sales growth reached 21.6% in 2016 in a receiver market that is oreall down 8.3%. WorldDAB has established an automotive working group to encourage the automotive industry install digital radio for the European market and beyond. 12% of households in France have at least one DAB+ digital radio (source).

Digital radio receivers capable of receiving DAB and DAB+ audio are available in the market through some of the major retailers (FNAC, DARTY, Boulanger, Auchan,) or online.

The digital radio receiver brands Pure, REVO, Tivoli, Dual, Bose, Philips, Roberts and Sony are available to the French consumer.

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40,000 households in eastern Paris can now receive DAB as part of a test by Towercast. Radio France is broadcasting their portfolio of radio stations on that trial. 

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Key features of regulation for digital radio in France are:

DAB+ was added to the French standards in August 2013

  • Band III
  • Commercial services for 3 cities (Paris, Nice and Marseilles) in Band III
  • Further cities tenders will use the learning of Paris, Nice and Marseille broadcast 
  • No analogue switch-off date

The legal framework for digital radio was introduced gradually: the Act of 30 September 1986 as amended by the Act of Law of 9 July 2004 set the main legal elements of RNT (calls for applications, digital recovery of authorized services FM: Article 29-1 of the 1986 Act). It was supplemented by the laws of March 5, 2007 and March 5, 2009. 

Analogue and digital licences are both issued free of charge. There is a quota for French music and new artists and the current analogue rules which govern advertising and sponsorship will also apply to digital radio. The selection of the candidates for the first application for Paris, Nice and Marseille were selected by the CSA on 25 September 2012. The French Law on digital radio released in March 2009 has been revised so that when 20% of the French population is covered by a digital radio signal, digital radio demodulator will become mandatory in all devices including radios. Similar to the first draft of the law there is a 12 month grace period after which all products containing radio must be digital with the exception of cars. The car industry has an 18 month grace period after 20% coverage is reached. These changes were made to the law by the French Senate on 17 May 2011.

Currently there is a lack of FM spectrum which means the French radio market has no opportunity to expand. The French market in line with GE-06 has allocated Band III for digital radio. 

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l’Alliance pour la RNT

An “Alliance for Digital Radio” (“l’Alliance pour la RNT”) was formed in November 2014 to coordinate activities related to the promotion of a rapid launch of digital radio at the national level, and aimed at the regulator (CSA), government departments, industry partners, retailers and editors.  The Alliance also informs the public about the advantages offered by digital radio. 

The Alliance for Digital Radio was founded by the Syndicat Interprofessionnel des Radios et Télévisions Indépendantes (SIRTI), the Syndicat National des Radios Libres (SNRL) and WorldDMB.  The Alliance continually broadens to include other parties wishing to be involved. 

Current members of the Alliance for Digital Radio are:



Consumer Marketing

Large retailers including FNAC and DARTY are informing consumers about the benefits of digital radio through their websites.

WorldDAB at Medpi in Monaco
16.05.2017 - France - France
A spokesperson for WorldDAB will be available during Medpi at the Pure stand to present the advantages of DAB+. Pure will present their latest digital radios with radio stations being tested live.
From La Lettre Pro:

DAB receivers in 12 percent of French households
03.05.2017 - France - France
France's media regulator, the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel, has released its summary of radio equipment in use for the entire year of 2016 in France. The results showed that 12 percent of French households had a DAB receiver in 2016.
From Radio World:

CSA report finds that 12% of French households have a DAB receiver
26.04.2017 - France - France
The Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA) has published a report on television and radio equipment in French households. The results for radio are positive, as 99.2% of individuals have at least one medium to listen to the radio, with 12% of French households having a DAB receiver.
From CSA:

Europe in a different light: Euradio will arrive on DAB this autumn
18.04.2017 - France - France
A national Euradio programme that focuses on debating major European issues and promoting the cultural and linguistic diversity of Europe, will be taking over from Euradionantes this autumn on the digital DAB frequencies in Lille, Lyon and Strasbourg. The move takes advantage of the opportunity presented by DAB radio in France to create a national medium for offering European editorial related local news.
From Radiodigi:

More than 53 million DAB receivers sold worldwide
30.03.2017 - France - France
On March 28th 2017, WorldDAB published the latest sales volumes of DAB receivers, coverage and equipment rates in households in key markets in Europe and Asia-Pacific. In France, over 948,000 DAB+ receivers have now been sold.
From radiodigi:

The second DAB+ multiplex in Lille is taking shape
10.03.2017 - France - France
Several broadcasters have published a joint letter of commitment for the creation of the multiplex operator in Lille "Lille Allotissement 2" through a dedicated legal entity. Thirteen radios station are present on this multiplex including Channel FM, Delta FM, Euradio, Galaxie Radio, Horizon, Pastel FM Playloud RPL 99 FM, Radio Boomerang. Radio Campus, Radio Cap Sao, Radio Cité Vauban and Radio Néo.
From La Lettre Pro:

Africa, a land of conquest for digital radio
12.02.2017 - France - France
Digital radio is gradually coming to Africa. Despite the cost, some countries are already introducing this technology, which should make it possible to reach more listeners, by giving them a better quality of listening.
From RFI:

Digital radio develops in Europe
11.02.2017 - France - France
Several countries in Europe are considering the transition to the all-digital DAB+. The biggest change for listeners is getting DAB+ in the car, Jean-Marc Dubreuil, from WorldDAB said "If you have an audio input on your car radio, you add a small module in your car, an antenna, and your radio becomes digital. The quality of listening is much better. It's a dream! The adaptor costs between 100 and 150 euros."
From RFI:

Europe making digital radio headway
06.02.2017 - France - France
Various aspects concerning the digitisation of the radio industry were on stage at European Radio Show, held in Paris. WorldDAB's session “DAB+ in Europe — a Vision for the Future of Radio,” highlighted the current state and development of digital radio in Europe.
From Radio World:

FIP, Mouv and RFI will broadcast on DAB+ in certain regions in France
06.02.2017 - France - France
As part of the call for DAB+ applications last year, the Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel has granted permission for Radio France and France Médias Monde to broadcast the FIP, Mouv 'and RFI radio stations via DAB+ in Lille, Lyon and Strasbourg.
From La Lettre Pro:

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Key Information

Status: regular
Population: 63.0 million
Population coverage: Sparkline Graph 19%
Services: 115 DAB+
New cars with DAB/DAB+ as standard: Sparkline Graph 16%
Total Sales (cumulative): 948,000 devices
Penetration by household: Sparkline Graph 12%
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Useful Links

ION 2009-258 of 5 March 2009 on audiovisual communication and the new public television service
Regulator (The Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA))
Deliberation No. 2013-31 of 16 October 2013 amending Resolution No. 2013-1 of 15 January 2013 relating to the fixing of rules for sharing the radio resource of digital terrestrial radio band III